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Top Three Mother’s Day Secrets

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (May 12, 2013), you may find yourself with the challenging task of figuring out what…

Prenatal Yoga Classes in Pittsburgh

Matrika Prenatal Yoga and Exercise Follow this link to Sharon’s awesome Pittsburgh Yoga Doula website for all things delicious, expectant…

Have a Cuppa for Holiday Tension

Many of my yoga students confide in me that they “can’t meditate.”  In most cases, this is based on a…

Yoga for Moms

Me & You Yoga (starts 12/10) Mondays from 9:30-10:30 am Join Sharon and Lady J for an awesome hour of…

Yoga at Home for $2 a Month

There are a LOT of great reasons to practice yoga at home on your own: 1-You have work and/or family…

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