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Spread Your Lips for a Better Birth

I have a prediction that this may become one of my most popular blog posts.  Just wanted to put that out there right from the start. Ina May Gaskin has noted that: Early in my midwifery career, I observed another fascinating relationship pertaining to the Law of the Sphincter.  I noticed a strong connection between the sphincters of the mouth/throat and those of the cervix and yoni.  A relaxed mouth means a more elastic cervix.  Women whose mouths and throats are open and relaxed during labor and birth rarely need stitches after childbirth. (Gaskin, pg. 178) Research now shows that what Ina May Gaskin observed is also supported by actual anatomical features of the mouth and cervix.(As of 4.16.16 it has come to my attention that this link no longer works.) Cervix and vocal fold tissue behave similarly in smear tests.   So mamma, what can you do to keep all your lips relaxed from your mouth to your perineum? 1. Keep people with you in labor who can help you laugh, remind you to …

The Most Beautiful Bath

This has been going around Facebook for years now, but it is so beautiful and inspiring that I thought I would post it again just in case you missed it or want to see it again. Even more beautiful is this amazing montage of one of my yoga instructor’s home births.   Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, facilitator of Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training programs, Matrika Prenatal Yoga and Exercise classes and a Pittsburgh doula and childbirth educator.  For more information about doula services and prenatal yoga in Pittsburgh or my new e-book, please call 412-855-5692 or send me an e-mail:  Website:

Top Five Reasons to Enroll in the Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training

Top Five Reasons to Enroll in the Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training Reason Number Five You are a yoga teacher.  More than 80% of American yoga practitioners are women.  If you are a yoga teacher in America, then this program gives you the cultural, social and political information you need to better understand the lived experience of your female students.  You will learn teaching skills and techniques that you can use in ANY class with men and women to improve the quality of experience for your students.  And, as an added bonus, you won’t have to freak out the next time one of your students confides in you before class that she just found out she’s pregnant and wonders if it is still OK to take your class.  Have the confidence you need to work with women. Reason Number Four You are a healing professional that works with women and, well, maybe you are a wee bit burned out.  This online program gives you a unique perspective and will challenge everything that you know and understand …

False Claims

Dear Matrika Moms and Dads: Regardless of how you choose to feed your baby, the fact that this product is available on the market should concern you.  It concerns me. This product makes the claim that “they” (a computer provides a statistical analysis report) can tell you whether or not your milk supply is adequate by analysing information you send them regarding the amount collected while pumping (expressing) milk over a three and a half hour period. My heart breaks thinking about any new mom who is concerned about her milk supply, purchases this product and either finds that she can’t pump milk or becomes upset with the results.  Moms and Dads, this product is a computer program and not a reliable resource!  Please, if you have any concerns at all about your supply, you owe it to yourself and to your baby to contact a reliable HUMAN resource who can weigh your baby, watch you nurse, and address all of your concerns in a personalized way.  Take advantage of breastfeeding hotlines, FREE La Leche …

Prenatal Yoga Classes in Pittsburgh

Matrika Prenatal Yoga and Exercise Follow this link to Sharon’s awesome Pittsburgh Yoga Doula website for all things delicious, expectant and new!   Group Class Schedule Wednesday at matrika (1406 S. Negley Avenue, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh 15217) 6:00-7:15 pm Saturday at matrika (1406 S. Negley Avenue, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh 15217) 9:45-11:00 am Tuition $18 for single drop-in class* $90 for 6-class package *First class is FREE when you buy a package the same day that you take your first class Payment Options Bring a personal check made out to SHARON RUDYK Use a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or any debit card Exact cash (no change is available) Matrika Prenatal Yoga and Exercise classes aren’t just regular classes modified for pregnancy!  Sharon has developed a unique system that prepares mothers in mind, body and spirit with the strength, courage and endurance necessary to enjoy a beautiful pregnancy, powerful labor and birth and mothering a newborn.  No experience with yoga or meditation is required, but Sharon suggests that you discuss with your  care provider and get their support …

Love Midwives? Sure you do!

Midwives provide a high level of quality maternity care not only for the whole woman, but also for the whole family.  Shining Light Prenatal is showing a documentary this Friday on the amazing American midwife and women’s health advocate Ina May Gaskin.  The event is by donation and will support a new scholarship program that Shining Light is offering that will help more women and families access holistic fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care through Deena’s wonderful programming. Highly recommended!  Here is a link to more information

New Year Resolution Package

SPECIAL 2013 New Year’s Resolution Package On sale only until December 22nd 24-Classes in January, February and March for $300 Monthly automatic payments of $100 a month for 3-months. Makes each class only $12.50 Packages can be used for ALL yoga and meditation classes including kids yoga, special classes and workshops (in most cases, multiple-classes are taken off the package for workshops).

Pregnancy and Beyond

Please check out our Matrika Prenatal Website for all our fertility, pregnancy and postpartum classes, workshops and services. Sign-up for our pregnancy and/or postnatal e-mail newsletter! Matrika Prenatal Yoga & Exercise Class Schedule All prenatal yoga classes are offered on an ongoing basis and you can start at any time.   WEDNESDAY 6:00 to 7:00 pm Prenatal Yoga & Exercise at YOGA MATRIKA Pay online and enroll HERE. THURSDAY 7:00-8:00 pm Seated Meditation at YOGA MATRIKA (2nd & 4th Thursdays) [Note: this is not specifically a pregnancy class, but meditation is a safe and relaxing practice for women during pregnancy. A great class to share with a friend, partner or husband during your pregnancy!] Pay online and enroll HERE. SATURDAY 9:30 to 10:30 am Prenatal Yoga & Exercise at YOGA MATRIKA Pay online and enroll HERE.   Benefits of Yoga and Meditation During Pregnancy Physical Gentle movements improve posture so that you carry baby correctly and prevent backache Improved circulation mean less varicose veins, hemorrhoids and fluid retention Relieve fatigue Alleviate minor discomforts such as …

Prenatal Yoga Pittsburgh

Yoga Matrika has been providing high quality yoga-based services for expectant women, their partners and families, new moms and families with infants in Pittsburgh for almost five-years now.  We were really lucky last week to have the amazing, generous and talented Sandy Yetter of Red Lotus Photography come to the studio last week to capture some of the wonderful energy at the studio in a Mom and Baby class and a Prenatal Yoga class.  Thank you to all the moms who agreed to be present and share their experience with Sandy.  I think that you, dear reader, will agree, there are very special things happening at The Mat! I think a course in photography from a graphic design college may be just the thing I have been looking for!

New Preeclampsia Research

Matrika Prenatal, Pittsburgh’s premier yoga studio dedicated to prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, family yoga and childbirth education,  is always trying to stay on top of new research in women’s health.  Here is a very interesting study that discusses the role of trophoblasts (a father directed cell) in preeclampsia. Posted by Sharon Rudyk, Director of Yoga Matrika and Matrika Prenatal, an intimate, community-based yoga studio in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Prenatal Yoga DVDs

Understandably, during pregnancy, the predictable becomes the unpredictable as your world and your place in it is constantly shifting.  You may find yourself wide awake at 3am and fast asleep by 4pm.  You may feel a strong desire to practice yoga at times when a local studio doesn’t offer a class.  Perhaps you have other children and responsibilities that make it difficult to get to a class as often as you like.  Whatever your reason for wanting to do yoga at home during pregnancy, here are some ideas for home practice with DVDs: This practice DVD with Shiva Rea is my first choice for expectant moms who want to practice prenatal yoga at home.  Sure, you could complain about the cheesy music and the voice-over, but the ideas are lovely and the practice is appropriate for all levels.  I also like to recommend this DVD because I know that Yoga Matrika moms will be familiar with most of the exercises from our classes together and because it is very easy to obtain through the library, …

Pain and Yoga

In Leboyer’s classic book of yoga for pregnant women, Inner Beauty, Inner Light, he includes an interesting analysis of how pain during practice should be treated.  Pregnant or not, this analysis applies to all yoga practitioners and provides a way of thinking about pain that is respectful and safe. “Pain is nothing but a message, an alarm bell.  What will you do when the alarm bell starts ringing?  Will you sit there?  Will you say: ‘This bell is terrible.  But one has to be courageous, to endure.’  Will you not rather go and see why it is ringing?”  (page 49) Yoga practice is a process of never ending discovery.  Each time that we move our bodies into an asana, it will feel different, look different and act different.  It is this mindful practice on our mat that provides us with a map for understanding our reactions, thoughts and way of moving through the world off the mat.  Yoga practice should not be painful or cause injury.  Our practice should provide us with experiences that inform …