Life can get ugly, but your mug never has to be.

Cups, mugs and tumblers in styles and designs as unique as you are.  Like a big cup and you can not lie? I've got YOU.  Prefer to sip from something petite? I've got YOU too!

It's Not Too Late to Learn Something

Does your school curriculum feel a little blah blah blah?  Are you an adult that has lost your sense of curiousity?  Join me in exploring language, art, and culture. 

Why Shop Here?

I am a teaching artist and writer.  I only sell what I personally make or what I have sourced from reliable and accountable partners.  Your purchase supports my creative work.  I am so grateful to you!


If I told you more it would ruin it. You'll have to trust me on this one. 


 Your purchase directly supports an artist. That artist is ME.  My cats, chickens, and children also benefit. 


No promises, but using my pottery in public spaces is likely to make you very popular.  Everyone will want to know where you got that cup.  

One and Done

 Sure, you can get a mug from a store for $6.  It will do the job.   You will keep buying $6 mugs, but none will satisfy you. Your cabinets will fill with mugs you don't love.  Invest in something special and consume responsibly.

Be on A list.  Not the "A-List" per se.  Just a list.  Specifically, my list.

You are at the top of my list!  I'm so glad you have subscribed.  I send out a newsletter when there are shop updates and I post to my online zine.  Timing? Consistently irregular.  

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