Hello There!

I am a teacher, artist, and cultivator of restorative pollinator gardens in the majestic mountains of Central Vermont. I look forward to meeting you and welcome you to my creative learning community.

Buy your own Nipple Sipper if you are lucky enough to catch one in stock!

Cups, mugs and tumblers in styles and designs as unique as you are.  Like a big cup and you can not lie? I've got YOU.  Prefer to sip from something petite? I've got YOU too!

Classes & Groups

I offer a variety of online classes for teens and young adults to supplement homeschool curriculum, to provide support for gifted and talented students, and encourage global citizenship skills including social justice, anthropology, communication, and study skills.  While the classes are focused on the developmental needs of young adults, students of all ages and abilities are warmly welcome to participate.  The only requirement is that you adhere to the community norms so that absolutely everyone feels welcome, important, and validated.  We seek a diverse, inter-generational, and global student body.  

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