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Tibetan Yoga Classes

Tibetan Yoga on Wednesday Mornings 10:00 am In my personal practice of yoga, in the past five-years, I have started to bring more and more of my meditation into my yoga and more of my yoga into my meditation.  Essentially, it is now one practice.  This …

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Practice Notes: Rainbow Body

Each week, I teach a mindful yoga class on Tuesday nights at Mookshi Wellness Center.  Recently, I have adapted a new preparation technique for teaching my classes and find the foundation theme for my class through daily prayer and meditation.  I have always been guided to …

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Ode to Miss Joyce

Miss Joyce is the name that I gave, as a young child, to my teacher-ego.  It was clear to me at a very young age that one of the greatest values of knowing anything was to be able to share that knowledge with as many people …

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