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Barbarians and Blockheads

It’s always the same. Barbarians and blockheads, rival queens and kings, The drama rolls on and on. When people honor you, You are supposed to feel honored. When you don’t get respect, they expect You to sulk in indignation. One minute you are cruising on a …

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Ode to Miss Joyce

Miss Joyce is the name that I gave, as a young child, to my teacher-ego.  It was clear to me at a very young age that one of the greatest values of knowing anything was to be able to share that knowledge with as many people …

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Continuing Education Program

30 CEU Credit Subtle Body Project This continuing education opportunity for yoga instructors is perfect for both experienced instructors who need some new inspiration or feel drawn towards deepening their own personal practice.  Instructors who completed an RYT in a vinyasa flow style will find that …

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