Top Five Reasons to Enroll in the Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training

Top Five Reasons to Enroll in the Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training

Top Five Reasons to Enroll in the Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training

Reason Number Five

You are a yoga teacher.  More than 80% of American yoga practitioners are women.  If you are a yoga teacher in America, then this program gives you the cultural, social and political information you need to better understand the lived experience of your female students.  You will learn teaching skills and techniques that you can use in ANY class with men and women to improve the quality of experience for your students.  And, as an added bonus, you won’t have to freak out the next time one of your students confides in you before class that she just found out she’s pregnant and wonders if it is still OK to take your class.  Have the confidence you need to work with women.

Reason Number Four

You are a healing professional that works with women and, well, maybe you are a wee bit burned out.  This online program gives you a unique perspective and will challenge everything that you know and understand about women and reproduction.  You will find inspiration in this profound approach to the anatomy of energy and this, in turn, will inspire creative approaches to your work as a massage therapist, nurse, doctor, acupuncturist, counselor, therapist, doula……….

Reason Number Three

You have always wanted to add these professional skills but you just don’t have the time to do a residential program or perhaps you don’t have the financial resources to take off from work, travel to some resort or training center and stay in a hotel and eat out.  Or, perhaps you are a parent of young children or caring for a sick adult or maybe you just can’t travel due to your own personal circumstances.  Well, thanks to the power of the internet, you can now access this incredible curriculum and work at your own pace and whenever it suits you.  Sit in your pajamas while eating Fritos out of the bag at 2:00 am if you wish (not recommended though!) and work through your writing assignments.  No one will know.  Nurse your baby at 4:00 am and get your work done at the same time.

Reason Number Two

This course is a way to professionalize your interest in working with pregnant women.  Not only will you gain a certificate in teaching prenatal yoga, but you also get 30 CEU credits to use for your advancement or maintenance in your registration with Yoga Alliance.  There just aren’t that many flexible programs like this out there that offer this specific continuing education benefit for yoga teachers.  You can also, with a few added requirements, obtain credits required to register with Yoga Alliance as a RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) in this prenatal yoga specialty.    If you have been teaching prenatal yoga for years, but didn’t graduate from a prenatal yoga teacher training program registered with Yoga Alliance, this is the most efficient and economical way to be able to register in this specialty.

Reason Number One

Working with women during pregnancy is one of the most rewarding things you will do for your entire life.  You don’t just support a pregnant woman—you support her entire family.  To empower a woman with strength, joy and a sense of calm during pregnancy is to help her use these skills throughout motherhood.  When one of your students or clients tells you that she is pregnant or just had a baby, you will have all the information and skills you need to fully support her and honor this time in her life on a physical, spiritual and energetic level.  This is a tremendous calling and your investment in these skills and training is a small sacrifice in the face of what you can offer to all the world.


Program Details:Unique and comprehensive curriculum includes the Culture and Politics of Reproduction, Culture of Fertility, Yoga During Pregnancy, Teaching Matrika Prenatal techniques and practices, Professional Skills and requires significant reading and writing and engagement with the cohort through discussion board participation, office hour conference calls and web-based lectures.  Cohorts begin four times a year, but it is possible to be added to a current cohort depending on your circumstances.  The cost of the program is $450 up to one month before the cohort begins and $550 after that.  Tuition does not include required textbooks.  Sign-up for my professional development newsletter and be the first to hear about training programs, registration information and for free resources for yoga instructors and birth workers.  

Posted by Sharon Fennimore,  a Pittsburgh-based yoga therapist, women’s health specialist and doula.  I am honored to do this work and would love to be a part of your birth and healing process.  If you have questions about the program, please send me an e-mail: or call me (412) 855-5692.

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