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Yoga for Labor and Birth

This is a post written over two-years ago, but if you are looking for my current  pregnancy and birth support services, classes and workshops CLICK HERE.  Whether you are having a scheduled cesarean birth, are planning a water-birth at home or something in between, yoga provides wonderful tools for working with the energies of labor and birth in an empowering way.  The techniques you will learn in this workshop are helpful for both the laboring mom and her entire support team.  These ways of breathing, sounding, moving, communicating, making decisions and for touching/interaction, are compatible with all childbirth methods.  This is an experiential workshop so wear comfortable clothes and get ready to make some noise, move around and have a lot of laughs while you prepare to welcome your newest family member with love and light!  No experience with yoga, meditation, or birth is required.  Tuition is for the birthing mother and up to one birth partner/support person.  Ideally, Mom comes with her primary labor and birth support person, but if they aren’t available, then come …

The Most Beautiful Bath

This has been going around Facebook for years now, but it is so beautiful and inspiring that I thought I would post it again just in case you missed it or want to see it again. Even more beautiful is this amazing montage of one of my yoga instructor’s home births.   Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, facilitator of Matrika Prenatal Teacher Training programs, Matrika Prenatal Yoga and Exercise classes and a Pittsburgh doula and childbirth educator.  For more information about doula services and prenatal yoga in Pittsburgh or my new e-book, please call 412-855-5692 or send me an e-mail:  Website: