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Prenatal Yoga Pittsburgh

Yoga Matrika has been providing high quality yoga-based services for expectant women, their partners and families, new moms and families with infants in Pittsburgh for almost five-years now.  We were really lucky last week to have the amazing, generous and talented Sandy Yetter of Red Lotus Photography come to the studio last week to capture some of the wonderful energy at the studio in a Mom and Baby class and a Prenatal Yoga class.  Thank you to all the moms who agreed to be present and share their experience with Sandy.  I think that you, dear reader, will agree, there are very special things happening at The Mat! I think a course in photography from a graphic design college may be just the thing I have been looking for!

Red Lotus Photography

I don’t like having my picture taken because the way I see myself reflected in photographs is not generally how I think of myself—-is my hair really that gray? Are those four folds in my neck skin? You get the idea.  Yesterday, Sandy Yetter of Red Lotus Photography came to take individual pictures of Team Matrika and she’s changed my mind forever about being photographed.  It seems that, with a talented photographer, it is possible for me to see myself in a photograph and have it resonate with how I feel about myself.  Sandy is incredibly talented working with a diverse group and managed to get my exhausted, hungry and seriously cranky daughter to smile and cuddle with me on camera.  It seems that all ages feel the great power that is Sandy!  Just from the previews, everyone on Team Matrika really felt that Sandy captured their personality and took photographs that were complementary, warm and pleasing.  Red Lotus Photography and Yoga Matrika are partnering up to support both great yoga and capturing your most …