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I am a teacher, artist, and cultivator of restorative pollinator gardens in the majestic mountains of Central Vermont. I look forward to meeting you and welcome you to my creative learning community.

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Seven Stress Related Health Problems

Here are seven stress-related health problems you can do something about with gentle yoga and meditation. ¬†Remember, stress isn’t a…

Private Yoga with Sharon Rudyk

In January 2013, I will be expanding my private yoga business in Pittsburgh.¬† Here is some information on why you…

The McRib is Back

Nestled in between some of the most idiotic political advertisements I have ever seen was a clean and simple advertising…

What is iRest?

This Sunday, Mickie Diamond is going to be facilitating a Yoga Nidra: iRest workshop, this Sunday, June 6th from 4:00…

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