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Private Yoga with Sharon Rudyk

In January 2013, I will be expanding my private yoga business in Pittsburgh.  Here is some information on why you might choose to take private sessions and how to get started.

What is a Private Session?  What are the Benefits?

Studying with Sharon is a holistic experience and you will be honored and kept safe as you explore movement, breath and mind.  Sharon does not offer large group classes and prefers to work with small groups or in private sessions.  Therefore, your experience with Sharon will be quite different than it might be at a large studio or gym where you get “lost in the crowd.”  This is a space for healing, personal transformation and the development of yoga-based skills that can be used throughout life to improve well-being and quality of life.

Private yoga sessions are scheduled at your convenience and Sharon will design your sessions based on your personal goals and what you would like to accomplish during each individual session.  For some students, they just find that due to their lifestyle or personality, they prefer private sessions.  For other students, they truly require private sessions due to an illness, mental or emotional condition, injury, disability or other physical, emotional or spiritual issues that demand individualized attention.  Whatever your reason for seeking private instruction, Sharon is delighted to work with you.

Studio Sessions

  • Studio sessions are all 50-minutes in length each and may be shared by up to two adults.
  • Please contact Sharon for payment plan options and to arrange for off-site or larger group sessions (412) 855-5692.
  • Obtain your FREE consultation and schedule your first private session by calling Sharon at (412) 855-5692.

Cost for Studio Sessions

Initial phone consultation: FREE

Single Session: $75

Four Session Package: $280 (save $20 over single session payments)

Eight Session Package: $550 (save $50 over single session payments)

Twelve Session Package: $825 (save $75 over single session payments-a whole FREE session!)

Cost for Phone/SKYPE Sessions

Single Session: $50 per 45-minutes

How many sessions do I need?

This is difficult to answer in a broad way as each student is different, but here are some general guidelines in terms of length of private study based on student goals.

New To Yoga Many students who are completely new to yoga find it helpful to take private sessions before practicing in a group environment.  Sharon finds that eight sessions, approximately one a week for two-months, is enough that most adults who are in relatively good shape find that they are confident enough to move forward practicing with a group.

Want to Design a Home Practice Many students want help designing a home practice that they can do on their own—-either at home, when traveling or to compliment classes and workshops that they like to take.  The length of time it takes to design an individualized home study program varries based on student experience level, personal goals and more.  But, in general, a student who has been taking yoga classes regularly for at least a year can learn a home practice sequence in about four-sessions.

My Lifestyle Requires Personal Sessions You may be a professional with so many meetings, responsibilities or be “on call” at all times or an artist or parent or care giver or someone who works “odd” shifts or maybe you are a grandparent who travels regularly to see your grandkids all over the world—-whatever your reason, it may be that you just can’t make it to group classes regularly.  That’s OK!  Schedule sessions at your convenience whenever you are able.

Experienced Student/Teacher Perhaps you are a yoga teacher who would like some one on one support for issues in teaching, alignment or for your own practice of more advanced poses, pranayama or meditation.  If you are working on a specific pose, a type of practice or just feel burned-out and need some new ideas to inject your practice with passion again, a private session might be just what you need!

Living with Chronic Pain, Illness, Stress or Anxiety If you are living with chronic pain (headaches, back/neck or shoulder pain, muscle or bone pain, pain from surgery or major injuries) or have a serious illness (cancer, chronic fatigue) or have severe stress and anxiety and are seeking to use yoga as part of your healing and wellness plan, then you will need to consult with Sharon about the best plan of action.  Many clients find that, with six to twelve months of regular sessions, they are not only in less pain and discomfort, but that they are able to practice on their own or in a group and experience the same benefit.  Working with a significant health issue is not a quick fix, but yoga has been documented to help alleviate many of these problems and does support other treatments that you may be receiving.  Sharon is NOT a doctor and it is important that you maintain your relationships with your doctors, take your medicine as prescribed and use yoga as a complementary practice.  If you are under the care of a doctor, it is important that you get their permission to start yoga.

Cancer Diagnosis, Compromised Immune System, Too Sick to Travel to the Studio? Sharon provides healing sessions and deep relaxation practices through SKYPE, over the phone or can sell you an interactive e-book or audio recording of practices that you can use at ANY time and in ANY place.  These sessions are not physically active and only require that you lie down in a comfortable place and have the means to actively listen to Sharon’s voice live over the phone (put me on speaker phone) or to a recording.

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