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Seven Stress Related Health Problems

Here are seven stress-related health problems you can do something about with gentle yoga and meditation.  Remember, stress isn’t a “feeling”–it is a physiologic response to perceived (or real) danger.  It isn’t in “your head” and yoga and meditation provide release of deeply held tensions, fears and anxieties through physical, mental and spiritual exercises.

Heart Disease and Diabetes
Stress raises your glucose levels making it harder to manage Type 2 diabetes.  Mindfulness-based meditation programs have been proven to reverse heart disease.

Chronic stress makes asthma worse and children with stressed-out parents are more likely to have asthma.

Stress causes higher levels of the hormone cortisol which makes you collect fat around your middle.

Migraines and tension headaches.  Enough said.

Depression and Anxiety
Adults who report having stressful jobs (like having a lot of work and very few rewards) have an 80% higher chance of developing depression than adults who do not report a stressful work environment.  It’s unlikely that you can change your work situation overnight, but you can change your response to stress with regular yoga and meditation practices.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
You have a very smart gut and stress changes your gut’s ability to process food and can be a factor in GERD, IBS and making ulcers worse.

Accelerated Aging & Premature Death
Caregivers have a 63% higher chance of dying prematurely than adults of the same age who are not caregivers.  Life is stressful, but we can use very simple methods of movement and meditation to ease this tension and decrease this risk.

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