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All this Graduation Energy

Has all this graduation energy got you feeling, well, OLD?  Flexibility is youth—-strong, long and lean muscles and bodies in alignment radiate youth.  It’s not to be found in a bottle, tube or powder…….practice yoga daily for a month and you will find yourself looking younger and feeling younger the following month.  Not only that, but without denying yourself one May night ice cream cone, your clothing will fit better. All yoga classes at Yoga Matrika are now $10 each for the whole summer.  Want to test my flexibility is youth hypothesis?  Try unlimited yoga for 25-days for $40 and try to prove me wrong.  I’m not, but go ahead and try—it will make you feel better. See you soon at Yoga Matrika!

Football, Swimsuits and the Yoga of Feminism

As I teach two prenatal yoga classes every week, I have the honor and joy of watching incredibly strong women embody the true spirit of Warrior poses.  I can actually see the energy rising up through the soles of their feet and into their core to support the amazing act of creation they carry within them.  There is a courage, a dignity and strength of force there that is palpable in the room.  It is, for me, an experience and one that brings me, each class, into a new appreciation for the beauty and strength that is woman. The energy of these movements is the embodiment of grace.  Grace representing the fact that each one of these women has opened their hearts to the potential for immense joy and immeasurable loss and grief.  No words are required.  Through movement and intention, the expression of strength and grace is clear and concise. Last weekend, I was able to catch the very end of the playoff game between the Steelers and the Ravens.  While I can’t say …