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FREE Guided Meditation Webcast

Guided Meditation Recording Oh no!  Did you miss the live webcast? Download the MP3 and listen at your convenience and practice as often as you like (but not while driving–PLEASE)!  The recorded meditation will be available within an hour of the end of the live webcast. Online Book Club Courses I offer an online book club that features my favorite books on Buddhism, meditation, yoga, philosophy, anthropology, science, the body, anatomy, energy and more.  You can enroll anytime in my book club style course on the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.  The cost is $25 and we spend five-weeks on this book: Dancing with Life by Phillip Moffitt.  The cost of the book is not included in the participation fees.  Start anytime and read and watch the videos and complete the worksheets all at your own pace and convenience. Newsletter Subscribe to Sharon’s Newsletter My newsletter members get exclusive access to additional FREE guided meditations, webcast seminars and yoga trainings.  If you aren’t already getting my newsletter, please sign-up today.  Upon registration you will immediately receive …

Interdependence Meditation

Guided Meditation on Interdependence   In honor of Independence Day, I have decided to host a guided meditation on interdependence that you can experience from anywhere by calling-in on your phone.  This will be a live guided meditation experience.  All you need to do is dial-in to the conference call and then put your phone on speaker, get comfortable and enjoy the meditation session.  It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep and start snoring because the callers are muted.  You can even listen as you wash dishes or take a bath.  I am requesting a $10 karmic offering for the meditation, but payment is not required. There is a payment button below the sign-up if you do wish to make an offering for the meditation. Date: Monday, July 1, 2013 Time: 8:30 pm Introduction and basic meditation instructions for beginners 8:45-9:15 pm Guided Meditation 9:15-9:25 pm Closing (all times are Eastern USA) Access Code: Sign-up below and you will receive an e-mail with the dial-in number and access code on Friday, June 28th Subscribe to …

Benefits of Meditation

Hugger Mugger Square Affiliate Banner Wondering about the potential benefits of meditation?  Here are just a few scientifically proven benefits of meditation: 1-Change in Brain Shape: meditation has been shown to increase cortical thickness and increased gray matter and hippocampus size 2-Change in how emotions are processed by the amygdala 3-Meditation changes gene expression and DNA 4-It’s not just for women!  The Department of Defense has invested in meditation programs for marines.  Men benefit greatly from meditation.   5-Meditation is an excellent tool for stress management and stress reduction 6-Meditation has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and prevent cardiac events including stroke   Do you need a new meditation cushion?  Buy one HERE. Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, an independent yoga and meditation instructor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Find out more at   Animated Dark Banner

A Little Guidance Please

Guided relaxtion recordings are a wonderful way to incorporate meditation into your daily life at your convenience.  You can listen during your lunch hour on headphones and take your relaxtion with you on the go—–airports, hotels…..just not for in the car while you are driving!  These meditations will bring you all the benefits of meditation and you can enjoy the convenience of being able to practice anywhere at any time. Enjoy!