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Benefits of Co-Sleeping for Dads

I don’t want to get into an argument about co-sleeping with you dear reader, but I thought that all my Matrika Moms and Dads might find this article interesting.  Whether you co-sleep or not, it suggests that there is an endocrine response to behavior.  The more involved Dad is, the lower his testosterone.  The mind-body connection never ceases to amaze me! Posted by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, an independent yoga instructor and doula based in Pittsburgh, PA.  Find out more about Sharon on her website

Yoga for Women

I am so delighted and honored to have been invited by The Yoga Room in Warren, Ohio to facilitate a workshop on the lunar cycle and womens’ health. In this workshop for women we will explore various cultural, physical and emotional beliefs around transitions in the menstrual cycle. For this experience, we will focus on the moon cycle that brings women through a variety of energetic wisdom cycles that are separate from the menstrual cycle.  Through visualization and meditation, we will learn a specific technique to tune into this energetic moon cycle and to use this cycle to support our creativity, decision making and intuitive trust.  Next, we will explore yoga poses, energy practices and aromatherapy that supports hormone balance, cardiovascular and reproductive organ health and sexual energy through pre-menopause and menopause.  Although this session will be about the cessation of menstruation, the techniques and yoga tools provided will be useful to women in all phases of menstrual cycle and experience. Participants will explore the anatomy of menstruation and the cessation of menstruation from the …

Optimize Fertility with Yoga

Read about yoga, stress and fertility here. Read about classes in meditation and yoga to support optimum fertility here. Yoga Benefits that Optimize Fertility and Reproductive Health stress relief hormone balance endocrine system support increased circulation to reproductive organs enhanced quality of sleep decreased anxiety and fear Yoga is a magnificent form of preparation for all creative activities and having a regular yoga practice is a beautiful way to support optimum fertility and reproductive health for men and women. Rather than think of yoga as one more thing you can do to help get pregnant or as an addition to any treatment you may be receiving for an “infertility” diagnosis, we believe that yoga should be something that you do for yourself. Enjoy! Our classroom environment is kept to a comfortable temperature and we offer non-competitive classes that are ideal for women and men that are actively trying to conceive. All yoga and meditation classes on the schedule are excellent for supporting reproductive health. Yoga for Optimum Fertility Series Four-Week Series on Thursdays from 6:00 …