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Are you doing yoga “right”?

This is a re-post of one of the most read blog posts I have written in the past 5-years.  This originally appeared in the blog in February 2009.  It’s a great reminder as we start the new year for a healthy and safe way to approach your practice. Both new yoga students and more experienced yoga students, at some point in a class or practice, may wonder if they are doing a particular pose correctly.  Many students wish that instructors would just come over and correct their pose or hope that, in time, they’ll start to get it right.  Most new students are sure they can’t possibly be doing yoga right and many experienced students have developed poor alignment habits that feel right, but are blocking them from deepening their asana practice. This is why we all, regardless of experience level, need to continue to take classes, workshops and find instructors that provide encouragement and assistance in deepening our practice at all levels.  Even the Masters have a guru. A well-trained instructor has studied principles …

Duh? Breathing is Important!

Apparently, new research has shown that breathing is important.  While this may seem ridiculously obvious, the health implications of a breathing practice (aka. pranayama) may not be.  What yogis have known for thousands of years is just being discovered again and revealed in this NPR article. To make a long story short: Breathing is good for you You can use your breath to calm down Breathing is so powerful that it can change your gene expression If you already have a yoga practice, then you know the profound effects of learning to take deeper breaths.  If you don’t, then there is no time like the present.  Place your feet on the floor, relax your shoulders and take a deep breath and release it.