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Language and Love

The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai by Ruiyan Xu This is a fabulous novel, a great read and especially recommended for anyone with specific interest in language and identity and the role of language in our relationships.  For anyone who has played the part of the “expat”, the “native” or the “alien”, this novel will both remind and revise how you think language may have played a role in your experiences. This book is recommended by Sharon Fennimore Rudyk, an avid reader and independent yoga instructor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Find out more about her classes and teacher training programs online

Resolution Revolution

I’ve been frustrated lately and overwhelmed—-by my work, by my work relationships, by the fact that my husband has become obsessed with watching CSPAN and mostly by what I feel around me in the energetic field.  We are exhausted and want more from our leaders, our medical system, our businesses and banks.  We want people who have power to start using it in a way that is GOOD and GENEROUS and RIGHT.  Then, this morning, I woke up and I realised that we must have a REVOLUTION.  We must have a great social movement in which EVERY PERSON decides to live each day according to their highest self.  We must STOP violence against ourselves and open to the potential of every moment because it is in our collective pledge to make every moment, every decision and every interaction one that matters that true REVOLUTION will happen.  We will, collectively, create a joyful and responsible energy–an energy where anyone who suggests that not protecting the earth, our heath and our ability to protect and nurture our children …