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I’ve been frustrated lately and overwhelmed—-by my work, by my work relationships, by the fact that my husband has become obsessed with watching CSPAN and mostly by what I feel around me in the energetic field.  We are exhausted and want more from our leaders, our medical system, our businesses and banks.  We want people who have power to start using it in a way that is GOOD and GENEROUS and RIGHT. 

Then, this morning, I woke up and I realised that we must have a REVOLUTION.  We must have a great social movement in which EVERY PERSON decides to live each day according to their highest self.  We must STOP violence against ourselves and open to the potential of every moment because it is in our collective pledge to make every moment, every decision and every interaction one that matters that true REVOLUTION will happen.  We will, collectively, create a joyful and responsible energy–an energy where anyone who suggests that not protecting the earth, our heath and our ability to protect and nurture our children will simply feel out of alignment with what is real and right and responsible.  And when I say “OUR” I don’t mean American “OUR”—-I mean the “OUR” of humanity and of all living things.

Dr. Seuss tells us this in Horton Hears a Who—-EVERYONE in Whoville had to make a great noise in order to be saved.  In this revolution, instead of noise, we will make the silent vibration of positive energy.  Energy that creates a force of peace and light and love that can not be ignored.  In this lifetime, we can make a lasting vibration for peace that will have an infinite impact on the entire world.  We may feel small and powerless, but this is a trick of the mind that we can reveal with yoga and meditation. 

Yoga provides us with the support and inspiration we need to make this way of creating peace, energy and connecting to our own higher power.  Yoga is not a class, it is a choice—-a choice to move through the world in accordance with our inner guidance.  This practice can be done by anyone with a body, even if you can’t move your body or struggle with physical or mental challenges.  The practice is not a religion and will only serve to enhance your commitment to any religious or spiritual practices that you are already committed to.  This year, in 2010, consider joining the revolution.


Yoga Matrika invites YOU to a YOGA CHALLENGE

We welcome everyone to become a part of this yoga-based resolution revolution!  You don’t have to live in Pittsburgh and we hope that EVERYONE will take advantage of this project that invites you to make yoga and meditation a part of EVERY day of your life in a gentle and flexible way. 

Most New Years’ resolutions are about fixing what is broken, making changes, and trying to be better, greater, more than what you are right now.  But what if, this year, you became a part of a RESOUTION REVOLUTION to:

HAVE NO FEAR by acting according to your HIGHEST SELF and INNER GUIDANCE

If we all do this, then our Resolution Revolution will cause ripples of hope, joy, gratitude and beauty through the entire Universe.  Stop “not having enough time” and MAKE TIME.  Stop, “being so worried about the economy” and MAKE ENERGY.  Stop, “being so mad about the wars” and CREATE PEACE.  Stop acting on your fears and INSIST on ACTING from YOUR HIGHEST SELF. 

Let’s walk on our own two feet, feel the earth beneath us,
reach for the stars and make 2010 the year we really LIVE!

You might lose weight, get a better job, stop fighting with your partner or screaming at your kids, really start practicing the oboe and get your finances in order—- or you might not.  But, I guarantee that if you make an honest pledge to the Resolution Revolution, this will be one of the best years of your life. 

Every revolution needs a text, but this revolution has TWO!  Our 2010 texts are:

1.  Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra.  2009
2.  The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness by Youngey Mingyur Rinpoche.  2007

You don’t have to buy these books, but we think you’ll want to so you can read them again and again and again!—You can borrow them from the library, create a Resolution Revolution group with friends and collectively own one set of the texts, etc.  If you do buy them and you have a local book shop, please order it through them or ask them to carry these titles.  If not, then the book titles are linked to information that will help you purchase them online.


STEP 1:  Print out a Revolution Pledge Form, read the pledge and think about your level of commitment to the pledge.  If you would like to commit, keep one signed copy in a safe place for yourself and send one to Yoga Matrika in Pittsburgh, PA.  In this way, you set a public intention to commit to the pledge. 

STEP 2: Make a payment or donation in order to receive your WELCOME KIT and to start receiving monthly e-newsletters with a review of the readings for that month and some yoga tips and hints.  The monthly newsletter will inspire you to stick with the pledge and provide great tips for your yoga practice.

STEP 3:  Keep your pledge.  Practice daily.

STEP 4: Provide feedback and ask for support.  Starting in September 2010, we will begin to publish an online journal for the pledge that incorporates the feedback, thoughts, ideas and reflections of participants.



When you make a pledge to the Resolution Revolution, you will receive a reading schedule & monthly email newsletter with a discussion and review of the readings and yoga and meditation exercises that support that month’s topic.  You will also receive instructions on a meditation and yoga series that you will commit to doing 5-days EVERY week.  This meditation and yoga series takes 15-20 minutes and can be done by EVERYONE.  Even if you are not able to move your body or if you are confined to bed, you can DO THIS series with simple modifications that are included in the instructions.

 Although the greatest benefit will come from starting on January 1st, you can make the pledge at ANY TIME!  You will receive all of the previous e-mail newsletters and the yoga practice so you can “catch up”.

We will also be documenting the REVOLUTION and invite you to submit ideas, thoughts, reflections and personal stories to inspire more participation and to encourage anyone who has “taken a break” from their pledge.  You will receive information about this in your WELCOME KIT!



The cost of the e-mail newsletters and year of yoga practice is $24–$2 per month to change your life and change the world.  If you do not have $24, but would like to make this pledge.  We honor your current financial situation and offer a DONATION option that allows  you to choose an amount that works with your budget.  Your purchase supports the costs associated with the administration of the revolution including, but not limited to: web fees, e-newsletter subscription costs and professional fees.

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