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Yoga Therapy for your Lower Body

There is still room in this healing workshop with Elsie Escobar on Friday night, October 30th.  Elsie will teach you yoga techniques for bringing the lower body into alignment and soothing any pain that you might have in your back, hips, knees, ankles or feet through gentle movement and stretching. Please pre-register for the limited spaces that are still available by calling Sharon at Yoga Matrika (412) 855-5692. Anusara Therapeutics: The Lower Body Friday, October 30 from 6:00-8:00 pm Facilitated by Elsie Escobar Treat your back, hips, knees and ankles to a mini-retreat! $25 pre-register/$35 at the door   Here is a link to a blog entry that talks about the power of Anusara Therapeutics: Here is a link to Elsie’s fabulous online Kula:

Yoga Matrika Schedule

Creating a schedule of yoga classes for Yoga Matrika has always provided me with great illumination and inspiration.  When I first opened the little studio on South Negley, I was teaching the majority of classes myself and a number of very talented local instructors generously agreed to teach a few classes each week.  But, for the most part, it was me and there were less than 10-classes on the schedule each week.  The reality of finding talented instructors who were a good match for Yoga Matrika proved to be one of my earliest challenges in this business. Then, what started to happen was that the Universe started to send me fabulous instructors and many of these teachers have shaped the path of Yoga Matrika.  For example, Heidi —–an angel who took over at the studio without any guidance when I needed to travel for my grandmother’s funeral.  And Julie who became one of the community’s favorite prenatal instructors after agreeing to take some of my own classes without very much guidance or support.  And Bethany, …

Yoga for Balance: Anusara Yoga with Elsie

For a couple of months, Yoga Matrika has had the great fortune of the addition of an Anusara Inspired class on Mondays at 6:00pm.  This is a great fortune not only because of the value of Anusara yoga in terms of style and content, but also because the instructor, Elsie Escobar, is just such a beautiful person and fabulous teacher!  But, we’ve noticed that not many Yoga Matrika students are coming to check out this new class.  Anusara teacher training is one of the most thorough available and it demands that instructors commit to a significant number of hours of training and experience.  There are levels of teacher training and this system ensures that any instructor who is permitted to refer to themseleves as an Anusara Inspired or Anusara instructor is highly trained and has a great deal of experience.  This training requirement means that there just aren’t that many Anusara instructors in the world and our opportunity to study in Pittsburgh is limited to the TWO instructors that are trained in this way and …