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Yoga Matrika Schedule

Creating a schedule of yoga classes for Yoga Matrika has always provided me with great illumination and inspiration.  When I first opened the little studio on South Negley, I was teaching the majority of classes myself and a number of very talented local instructors generously agreed to teach a few classes each week.  But, for the most part, it was me and there were less than 10-classes on the schedule each week.  The reality of finding talented instructors who were a good match for Yoga Matrika proved to be one of my earliest challenges in this business.

Then, what started to happen was that the Universe started to send me fabulous instructors and many of these teachers have shaped the path of Yoga Matrika.  For example, Heidi —–an angel who took over at the studio without any guidance when I needed to travel for my grandmother’s funeral.  And Julie who became one of the community’s favorite prenatal instructors after agreeing to take some of my own classes without very much guidance or support.  And Bethany, who inspired me to stay with my prenatal passions even when I was feeling open to letting go of these programs all together.  The list of instructors who have gently, and sometimes not so gently, shaped my experience and the growth of Yoga Matrika is long.

This autumn, the new schedule that starts on September 1st, is one that I am incredibly proud to offer to the community.  There are over 27-drop in class options each week including four prenatal yoga classes and three class options for postnatal moms.  Every single instructor on the schedule is accomplished and dedicated to the profession of yoga and sharing what they have to offer with the Yoga Matrika community.  It is the most comprehensive class schedule that Yoga Matrika has ever offered.

In addition to theese 27-drop in classes, Yoga Matrika offers series of classes that provide opportunities for deep study in an intimate setting with some of Pittsburgh’s most talented and diverse instructors.  Workshops are scheduled with Lisa Clark (EmbodiYoga) and KK Ledford (Anusara) and Yoga Matrika offers the only prenatal yoga teacher training program in Western Pennsylvania.

I’m delighted to start this new season and I hope that you will find a class or two (or three!) that work with your schedule and offer the style and pace of yoga or pilates that you desire so that you can join me in supporting this fabulous team and comprehensive schedule.

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