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Cabin Fever & Yoga in Pittsburgh

There was one very brave student at tonight’s class.  She was new to Yoga Matrika and was curious about what the class title, Mindful Yoga, really meant.  I prattled on about Vajra Yoga and not making a distinction between asana practice and meditation and how we create a moving meditation through our practice……….but during our practice together, I started to question the whole thing entirely. 

You see, that’s the problem with having an answer to everything—-you miss opportunities for reaching a greater understanding.  In this case, I was incredibly inspired by the clarity of this student’s practice and she taught me a lot about mindfulness.  So, thank you dear student, and hope you come back soon!

What I realised is that what I don’t know about mindfulness is a lot.  While there are so very many things that I hope that my Mindful Flow classes mean, the real mindfulness is in the interpretation.  I asked my student to choose an intention for her practice and to anchor that intention with awareness of the breath or awareness of sensation in the body.  As we moved through the Vajra Opening series, I made some slight adjustments and made requests of the student to move in different ways or experiment with various modifications. 

I was delighted to watch as this student’s mind literally moved from place to place in her body and she fully explored each asana.  Thanks to this student and her beautiful practice, I realised that it is possible to see mind.   A great gift to a yoga teacher on a snowy night after a long week of being indoors. 

I received a similar gift through my dear friend and colleague on the teaching team at Yoga Matrika, Kristie Lindblom.  She posted a beautiful entry in her blog about how she is personally experiencing this long week of a storm and nature enforced hibernation.  Again, a new lesson on mindfullness.  By staying present in the moment, Kristie rides out the storm, the cabin fever and the heavy nature of this weather.  Her mindfulness includes all of the wonderful things that are growing, changing, transforming and preparing for birth right under our very feet in this very moment.

Thank you dear student and Kristie for the lessons in mindfulness. 

When in Pittsburgh, study Mindful Flow with Sharon Rudyk at Yoga Matrika.  Don’t worry, when there hasn’t been a recent snowfall of over 20 inches, there’s normally more than one student! So, not everyone gets watched so closely.

Posted by Sharon Rudyk
Owner and Director of Yoga Matrika

Check-out Kristie’s Blog entry here:

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