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NOTE: this is a dated blog post that describes services and packages that are no longer available.  If you are interested in my optimum fertility and reproductive health services, please follow this link to the current packages. 

Optimum Fertility








Reproductive Health and Fertility Coaching


Irregular Periods? PMS? Moody? Bloated? Doubled over and missing out on activities and work due to cramps, migraine headaches or back pain?  Does your period just go on and on and on?  Is “heavy” flow an understatement?

PCOS? (Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome) Anovulation?  Not ovulating due to low body fat, endocrine disruption or trying to regain fertility after being on birth control pills or other hormone based birth control?

Trying to conceive for over 6-months without a pregnancy?  Miscarriage?  Unexplained infertility?  Considering IVF or other medically assisted reproduction therapy?


There is no reason to suffer!  I offer personalized coaching services where we address your greatest concerns, create do-able action plans for addressing your needs and all the support and confidence you need to improve the quality of your life and reproductive health.  Your action plan is likely to include:

  • Stress Management
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Mindful Movement, Yoga and Exercise
  • Counseling on finding the best medical care providers, alternative health services and problem solving
  • Learning how to track fertility signs to either prevent or promote conception

Take the first step and call for your FREE phone consultation: 412-855-5692.  During this consultation I will work with you to determine what your reproductive health goals are and offer you an initial evaluation and proposal for our work together.  To give you an idea of the costs for this type of coaching work, here are some examples of coaching packages:

One-Time Coaching Session  $150

Before the session you fill out an extensive intake survey so I know exactly what you need before the call.  During the call we address a singular issue regarding your reproductive health and/or fertility.  You leave the session with an action plan for solving your greatest concern and I will be available to you for unlimited e-mail support for up to one-month after the session.  Our session lasts an hour and a half and is scheduled at your convenience.  You may, if it is part of your action plan, decide to enroll in my menstrual education course which includes detailed information on tracking your fertility signs for $90.  This would make the total cost for improving the quality of your life and finding real solutions to your chronic reproductive health problems for $150-$240.

One-Month Intensive $350

Before the first session, you will fill out an extensive intake survey so I know exactly what you want to work on before our first call.  During this month, you will receive weekly meal plans and nutritional advice and we will have three, one-hour phone sessions during the 4-weeks of your month intensive.  This is most likely for women with a more complex health issue or who are scheduled for an IVF cycle and want a month of support around that cycle.

Six-Month PCOS, PMS, Irregular Cycles or Optimum Fertility Coaching Program  $500

This type of program is for women that have a chronic endocrine or other imbalance that is going to require a longer commitment to nutrition, medication, and lifestyle changes in order to meet their goals.  This program includes enrollment in my menstrual education course and e-mail support for 6-months following the program.


Follow-up sessions are between $50-$100 depending on the type and length of session required.  All coaching programs, including single sessions, come with some period of unlimited e-mail support.

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