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Saturday 8:00am

Just imagine—-it hurts a little to get up early, but then you find your way to 1406 S. Negley Avenue and it feels warm and friendly.  It’s OK to eat a light snack right before practice because we will start with an extended centering, intention and breathing practice. Then, you will bloom into a creative flow sequence that clears tension and creates clarity in your connection to your deepest truths.  Then, we practice a sequence of affirmation yoga that not only stretches the body, but aligns the mind with our highest principles.

 Then, you are invited to relax.  Really relax.
By 9:30, not only are you ready to face the day, but the whole day stretches before your beautiful, vibrant and calm self.
All classes in December are just $10.  Bring friends.  If you wish, bring a mug so you can share a cuppa in your post practice glow.
I hope I will see you.  This experience can be yours every Saturday.  For a bit more philosophy, please join me on Sunday, December 16th and every 3rd Sunday of the month after for Dharma, Breakfast and Brunch from 9:30 to noon.  Weekends will never be the same again.  You will have a great sense of humor and everyone will be jealous of your new dance moves…..OK, this last part may not be true, but you’ll never know unless you try!
This yoga class for real people just like you is brought to you by Sharon Rudyk of Sharon Rudyk Yoga based in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.  Sharon is an independent yoga instructor offering mindful yoga and meditation practices, teacher training programs, mindful approaches to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting and classes for all ages and abilities.  If you aren’t in Pittsburgh, Sharon would love to come and visit you and also works with long distance clients using SKYPE technology.  Call Sharon at your convenience for a free consultation (412) 855-5692 and visit Sharon’s website for more information:

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