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Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

matrika-090Benefits of Matrika Yoga and Meditation

What if I told you that just sitting and breathing and moving in gentle and mindful ways could improve the quality of your life and improve your health on every level in just five minutes a day? What if I told you that for less than $2 per day, you could reduce your stress, back pain, increase flexibility and strength and have optimum mental health?  Well, all of this is true!  You can improve your health and well-being this year with reasonable investment of money and time.   The benefits last forever.

Start with A Mindful Month: Program Begins November 1st

I offer private sessions, small group instruction, and advanced yoga studies with or without teacher certification.  Many of my programs for women’s health, stress management and wellness can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  For my students based in Pittsburgh, I am delighted to offer private and small group sessions at the beautiful Mookshi Wellness Center near Frick Park/Regent Square.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Stress Reduction

A regular practice of yoga literally changes the way your body responds to stress.  Everyone experiences stress, but yoga and meditation help your body respond in ways that are less toxic to your body.


Superior Cardiovascular Health

Yoga can : reduce high blood pressure, improve symptoms of heart failure, ease palpitations, enhance cardiac rehabilitation, lower cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and stress hormones, improve balance, reduce falls, ease arthritis, and improve breathing for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


Improved Mental Health, Memory and Mood

A regular practice of yoga has a significant and positive impact on mental health and general well-being.  Here is a list of general wellness benefits related to a regular yoga practice. 


Organ and Endocrine System Health

Improved circulation and reduction of inflammation have a significant health benefit for the organs of the body and the production of hormones and feel good chemicals in the body.


Strong Bones and Skeletal System 

Yoga helps grow bone mass.


Relieve Back Pain and Prevent Chronic Pain

Yoga may help relieve symptoms and experience of chronic health problems such as depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.


Excellent Immune System Function

Yoga and meditation change the expression of your genes.


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