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Didgeridoos and Yoga: No kidding!

If you love the digeridoo and yoga, then these fabulous workshops being hosted by the Yoma Room later this month look unique and wonderful.  The Yoma Room is a very supportive friend of Yoga Matrika and I hope you will consider a trip out there for these workshops.  Check out the Yoma Room here: Friday, April 30th 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm Journeying Through the Chakras This lecture is designed to introduce the novice as well as the experienced healthy living seeker to concepts that include: What is a Chakra? Location of Chakras? What is a Meridian? What are the Dantiens? How are the Chakra, Dantiens and Meridian systems similar? How are Chakras, Dantiens and Meridians interconnected? What are energetic stagnations? What are emotional stagnations? How does the health of my energetic body effect the physical body? What illnesses are rooted in particular chakras/organ energies? General Q and A Chakra Meditation: Joseph has a collection of very unique didgeridoos that give him the ability to change the note or key of the instrument while …

Pilates for Pink: Tone Up for a Great Cause

PILATES for PINK Join Aimee Horn for a BY DONATION Pilates Mat class on Monday, October 26th from 4:45-5:45 pm.  ALL donations will be sent to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Even if you can’t make it to class, you can make a donation at the studio at any time during the month of October.  If you aren’t going to be at the studio this month, you can also make a direct donation by following this link: