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Add More Joy

dreamstime_xs_25651651You deserve the full benefits of meditation.  You work so hard and your days are so full—full of work, of creativity, of passion, of relationships and maybe even full of changing diapers and wiping little faces.   By the end of the day you are exhausted and depleted.  Your stress level is too high and you feel overwhelmed.  You’d like to take a yoga class or learn how to meditate, but you aren’t sure you can add even one more thing to your schedule.

For you, I offer private meditation sessions in my unique and flexible three-month program.  

I only accept a small number of students at any given time so I can focus on YOU.  You are special to me and I am honored to be your guide on this path to greater joy and liberation from stress, anxiety, worry and guilt.  It’s worth the wait.  Put your name on the waiting list today and you will be one delicious step closer to a better life.


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