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Okonomiyaki Makes Me Happy

Okonomiyaki is a comfortable and magnificent treat—salty, smooth, savory, warm and a culinary cuddle if I’ve ever had one.  When I left New York, I thought I might not ever have the opportunity to feast upon this little Japanese treat again as we were moving so far away from my favorite Geido restaurant in Park Slope (Or are they calling it Way South of Williamsburg now?). Pittsburgh, the most wonderful thing has happened…Teppanyaki Kyoto has opened on Bryant Street in Highland Park.  They offer a wide selection of fillings (including vegetarian options) for Okonomiyaki and I am delighted to say that they do it “right.”  Now, Okonomiyaki can make you happy too! This is an intimate restaurant and reservations are highly recommended if you wish for a table.  I suggest sitting at the counter so you can watch your Okonomiyaki being made right before your eyes.  There are all kinds of other little treats—noodles, ginger pork, fried chicken, octopus balls (don’t ask, just eat), seaweed salad, avocado and shrimp and much, much more.  Everything is …

Tribecca Yummy Mummy

One of my most wonderful yoga instructors in New York, Cate Bruce-Low,  does the most creative and beautiful activities with children and documents her most excellent recipees for cooking with children and ideas for keeping in touch with nature (even in the most urban of environments!).  Check out her blog for some inspiration: