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Yoga Spa Treatments




Sharon offers unique yoga-based spa experiences in the beautiful and relaxing environment of Mookshi Wellness Center in Regent Square (4-blocks from clay tennis courts in Frick Park).   Call to schedule your yoga spa experience today: 412-855-5692.

Yoga Nidra
After doing some gentle yoga to release tension and create better mind-body connection, Sharon will help you come into a supported relaxation position using pillows and blankets.  Once the physical body is relaxed, Sharon will verbally guide you into a deep “yogic sleep” where you will experience profound relaxation.  You will be allowed to rest in silence for 15-20 minutes after the yogic sleep is induced and then gently woken.  The experience ends with a warm cup of tea and a sweet treat.  This is a one hour and fifteen minute treatment: $125

Aromatherapy, Mantra, Mudra
Allow Sharon to choose a perfect healing scent, mantra and hand pose for you to use to center mind, body and spirit.  You will practice the techniques together for you to use anytime that you need them.   This is a one hour and fifteen minute treatment for $125.  If you wish to purchase the scent used during your treatment, this is an additional charge to the treatment itself.

Energy Balance
Sharon offers eight simple physical Chinese yoga exercises followed by a deep Daoist meditation for healing organs, relaxation and healing.  You will leave feeling grounded, rejuvenated and completely relaxed.  Regular treatments will support the endocrine system and optimum functioning of lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidneys.  Other energy support exercises will be suggested as needed.  This is a 75-minute experience for $125.

Beautiful Belly Adventure
Let go of the tight feeling you have through the hips, thighs and pelvis.  Tight psoas can be felt as low back pain, hip pain or a stomach that “pooches out” no matter how many abdominal exercises you do (actually, you may be making the situation worse with your abdominal exercises).   Maybe you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or have digestion programs or chronic constipation?  Whatever your “issue,” this yoga-based spa treatment is exactly what you need to feel strong at the core with a healthy belly.  Sessions start at $125 for a single session and $600 for a pack of six sessions.

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