Introduction to Fertility Awareness

Girl with Blue MoonThis is a workshop for women ages 17-100 where we will explore methods for being aware of cycles of fertility in body, mind, and spirit.  Here are just a few ways that a woman can benefit from learning fertility awareness techniques at any age:

  • menstrual cycle and reproductive health
  • learning signs of your most creative and intuitive days for the purpose of conceiving a baby, starting a new project or making changes in lifestyle or relationship
  • learning the signs of your least fertile days for the purpose of family planning and engaging in quiet and nourishing activities

Whether you are looking to better understand your menstrual cycles, conceive a pregnancy or reduce your chances of conception, learning about your fertility provides incredible insight and keys to overall reproductive health. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of the energy of a fertility cycle and the physical anatomy of that cycle. You will learn three different ways to chart your cycles to determine patterns and signs of when you are most fertile and least fertile. Finally, we will look at techniques for taking advantage of the most fertile parts of your cycle for creativity , intuition, and decision making in relationships, at work, in your art and for the creation of new life (if, and when, that is what you desire).  As a bonus, if you provide your birthday when you register, I will give you information about an additional period of fertility you might not have known about!

On a Personal Note

No prior experience with fertility awareness is expected or assumed.  While the the majority of information provided on using fertility awareness for family planning is admittedly directed at women who are having sex with men, I warmly welcome women of all sexual orientations to participate.  Women who are on the pill or using other hormonal methods of contraceptives are also welcome.  I feel, rather strongly, that all women have a right to learn as much as possible about their reproductive health and capacity for creativity.  This workshop is really a general introduction to fertility awareness and you are welcome, just as you are.  I make an effort to create a respectful, open, and fun environment during my workshops.  Please let me know before you register if you have any concerns at all:


DATE: Saturday, September 17, 2016

TIME: 2:00 to 5:00 pm

PLACE: Mookshi Wellness Center

PRICE: $25 with pre-registration by September 10, 2016
($35 from 9/11-17 as space permits)