The Guest I Love

Near your breastbone there is an open flower
Drink the honey that is all around that flower.
Waves are coming in:
There is so much magnificence near the ocean!
Listen: Sound of big seashells! Sound of bells!
Kabir says: Friend, listen, this is what I have to say:
The guest I love is inside me!


lotusWhen I facilitate relaxation for my students, I always start with a guided awareness of the environment.  I ask that we turn our awareness to the smells, sounds, temperature, texture and everything around us and outside of us.  It is then that we can bring our awareness into our inner environment.

My business is an intimate one.  I have been honored and blessed to witness some of the strongest moments in my clients’ lives—-the births of their babies and the death of their babies, marriages, divorces, kids all grown up and going to college and infants being brought to daycare for the first time.  In return, I share of my full complicated self with all of you.  And, many of you know that my past year has been personally difficult and painful as I work through a major transition in my family life.  I appreciate your support and I feel that this challenging time has been a great teacher.

My year has brought some significant shifts in my personal yoga and meditation practices.  One of the practices that seems to bring me the greatest peace is visualization.  I have found the poem by Kabir at the top of the post to be a beautiful inspiration for a visualization that I find to be both soothing and nourishing.  After some gentle movement, breathing and asana, I lie down in a supported and restorative way and I bring my awareness to my heart center.  I use my fingers to trace my throat and collar bones and then drop my awareness beneath these spaces to a beautiful, multi-petaled lotus flower around my heart.  I see this juicy and powerful flower and allow its fragrance to waft and flow through my entire body.  I let my physical heart and circulatory system rest while I focus on this beautification of my inner environment by allowing the scent of this magnificent flower to grace every cell in my body.

Once I let the scent of my heart-flower to flow through my whole body and fill the space directly around my body I think about the waves of water as Kabir describes the ocean.  Ilchi Lee, in his book Healing Chakras, uses the mantra “Water up, Fire down” as being the ideal energetic state.  We want the lake of the mind to stay cool and keep the fire in our belly where it is needed for digestion and to ignite our intuition intelligence.  So I think about the waves of water lapping around my head, mouth, throat and washing around my heart-flower while sending any heat down to the basin of my belly where it can be best used for digestion, creativity and development of intuition.  Sometimes I think of the ocean and the sounds of the sea and seashells with all their curves, imperfections and beauty and sometimes I repeat the “Water up, Fire down” mantra.

I hope that you might find this beautiful poem by Kabir to be an inspiration for your own summer dreaming and meditations on finding deep love and appreciation for your inner guest.  If you would like some guidance or facilitated meditation sessions, I am offering a 4-session package at this time.  These are distance sessions that can be held anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection. I’d love to spend some time meditating with you and helping to develop your personal practice.

Post written by Sharon Fennimore, a mindfulness coach and yoga and meditation instructor based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a special focus on supporting stress management, optimum reproductive health, expectant women and families and new mothers.  CONTACT SHARON