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200-Hour RYS

Yoga Teacher Training Program



Online Prenatal Yoga Certification


CEU Credits

Continuing Education Courses & Workshops



“Sharon of Matrika Yoga offered an insightful, thought provoking training program that far exceeded my expectations. I was challenged to examine my ideas and beliefs about pregnancy and culture, and I now have a much better understanding of pregnancy and the obstacles a pregnant woman faces. I feel that I am now much better equipped to lead prenatal yoga, and I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone looking to learn more about pregnancy or prenatal yoga.” ~Nicole

“I maintain nothing but absolute gratitude to you and Matrika Prenatal Yoga.  At the outset of training, I yearned for a missing link, in between 42 years of obstetrical nursing experience and 51 of yoga practice!  How I found your program and that “link” was nothing short of miraculous!  Your insight into the wonder and miracle of birthing is in itself a spiritual gift.  Your compassion and love for the pregnant client is apparent as well as intuitive empathy for the pregnant psyche. The reading list was comprehensive and the webinars fun and informative.  I respect your genius fully.” ~Ambika

“Sharon was an excellent instructor and an amazing sounding board. I loved that she so clearly articulated her personal opinions and beliefs without forcing them on us, her students. This is a unique skill and, from my experience, one many instructors struggle with. Sharon did a great job at sharing information, offering feedback and discussing alternative/contrary thoughts/experiences/beliefs without ever seeming critical or offended. She offered a ton of excellent information and I left the program prepared to lead others through a prenatal sequence.”~Megan

“The training was very in depth and challenging. I feel that after completing the program, I am well prepared for teaching prenatal yoga.” ~Kate

“I really enjoyed the option of online learning as well as personal time. Sharon’s approach is a flexible alternative for trainees looking to expand their learning while continuing with their responsibilities. The pranayama and meditations were my favorite part.”~Natalie

“Yoga Matrika provides more than just a great educational journey on the basics of Hatha Yoga, Yoga Matrika expands on the typical 200 Hour course offerings by ensuring that the course material is delivered and received in a way that is most beneficial and valuable to the student and the path they are on for their life, teachings, and personal yoga journey. Yoga Matrika shares their unique insights and personal mentorship on every topic and does so for every student so that no one is felt left out or passed over. Yoga Matrika truly helps each student tap into their true potential and identify with what they want to offer the world as a person, a continuing yoga student, and a yoga teacher.” ~Brandi

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Yoga Teacher Training with Sharon Fennimore

I offer a unique, spiritual-based yoga teacher training program that is idea for adults who want to learn how to teach mindful yoga practices from the Tibetan and Chinese traditions, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and Tibetan subtle body anatomy.  Embedded in the training curriculum is a focus on the elements, nature, and techniques for balancing qualities of Universal energies, such as prana, with internal energy.  A significant component of the program is reading Buddhist sutras (in English translation), discussion, introspection,  and exploring the application of the ethics of yoga in daily life.

Buddhi Vana Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Information Package

Areas of study
nature and outdoor education
  • Training includes instruction in walking meditation, pranayama, and visualization using outdoor hiking trails, indoor botanical gardens, and natural environments
  • Emphasis on the impact of the health of the environment and the health of humans and living beings and how yoga practices and techniques can bring us into a state of balance when we focus on the elements 9air, space, earth, fire, water, metal, wood) and exchange of prana with all living beings including plants and botanicals.
  • Learn about herbs, essential oils, and the use of plants in the diet to support energy and yoga practices
philosophy and ethics
  • An introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Read and discuss essential Buddhist sutras and commentaries including: The Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing (Anapanasati Sutta), The Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness (Satipatthana Sutta), The Heart Sutra (Prajnaparamita Hrdaya Sutra), The Sutra on Happiness (Mangala Sutta).
Meditation and Visualization
  • Learn and practice Tibetan sound meditation
  • Learn and practice a Chinese yoga meditation on organs and healing light
  • Learn three unique Buddhist meditation practices including: metta (loving kindness), tonglen (give and take), and Tibetan jewel tree
  • Learn and practice mantra meditation techniques
 Asana, Movement, and Anatomy
  • Practice and training in Hatha yoga asana (poses) techniques and pranayama
  • Introduction to the physical practices of Buddhist yoga exercises and Tibetan movement meditations
  • Practice and training in hand mudra (poses for hands), using sound in physical practices, and sequences of poses (kriya) to create transformation in mind, body, and spirit
  • Intimately explore embodied anatomy through movement, breath, and touch including the use of Chinese energy anatomy and contemporary energy theory
  • Learn key aspects of Tibetan subtle body anatomy including the three diaphragms, central channel, matrika, and the life vase
  • Anatomy of the physical body including skeleton, organs, muscles, and kinesiology in the tradition of Body Mind Centering that provides an embodied knowledge that can be applied for safe asana and pranayama practice
Professional Skills for Teaching Yoga
  • Alignment for safe physical yoga practices and techniques for modifying asana for students of all ages, body types and abilities
  • Creating lesson plans and adjusting plans for various levels
  • Professional expectations for yoga teachers in studios, gyms, and other teaching environments
  • Business and ethics of yoga and meditation including insurance, professional organizations, and how to build a career and client base
  • Special techniques for physical modifications and verbal modifications of postures
  • Specializations and unique opportunities for continuing education
  • For students in the 200-hour teacher training program who wish to be eligible for registration with Yoga Alliance™ as RYT™ (Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level), opportunities will be provided for practice teaching and observation requirements.
Who is this program for

All adults who have a minimum of one year of yoga or meditation experience (group classes, workshops, home practice) who are interested in developing a home practice and yoga lifestyle or deepening their spiritual practice.

  • Adults who are interested in a spiritual based, meditation and yoga teacher training program with an emphasis on nature and meditation.  This program is registered with Yoga Alliance as Buddhi Vana Yoga Teacher Training as an RYS™ and graduates may be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT™ (Registered Yoga Teacher).
  • Yoga instructors looking for continuing education in ethics, philosophy, subtle body anatomy, Tibetan yoga, Buddhist philosophy, and embodied anatomy.  Sharon is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) and existing RYT at all levels can arrange for 100 CEU credits for their participation in this program.  They will also receive a graduation certificate to have evidence of specialized training in meditation.
  • Professionals such as medical professionals, alternative healthcare providers, massage therapists, teachers, coaches, social workers, attorneys, or, really, anyone who wishes to bring meditation and yoga into their workplace, use for their own self-care, or to be able to teach techniques and practices to students, clients, and patients.

Buddhi Vana Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training Information Package

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