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A Mindful Month

A Sensual Approach to Mindfulness

A Mindful Month

  A month-long online course exploring the senses of taste, balance, touch and smell 

 DISCOUNTED 50% from now until January 2, 2014!  JUST $25! 

Why practice mindfulness? 

This is a one-month online meditation program using our senses of taste, balance, touch and smell as the foundations for an exploration of mindfulness.

Through tiny acts of courageous mindfulness using your sense of taste, balance, touch and smell, you will deeply and sensuously experience exquisite moments of bliss through the month of November.  Just like secretly devouring an entire box of chocolates all by yourself.  Except, your pants will still fit at the end of the month.

You know this is for you if you:

  • have a body

Yes, in all honesty, that is the only requirement.  You don’t have to believe in chakras and rainbows.  You don’t need any special clothing.  In fact, some of the practices are clothing optional!  Your size, shape, health, fitness level, abilities, disabilities, education and previous experience with meditation or yoga or just about anything has absolutely nothing to do with this experience.  If you have a body and you have breath moving in and out of your body, then this course will meet you where you are and then raise you one.  All you need is less than 5-minutes a day!

Learning basic mindfulness techniques that you can practice at any time and in any place is a beautiful way to create a sense of peace, joy and wellness in your life.  The practices will bring you fully into this moment.  When we are in the present moment, the power of the past and fears of the future fade and provide us with respite and relief.  If you already have a regular meditation practice, then these practices will help refresh, inspire and empower your practice.

What do you get?

Week One: TASTE


Week Three: TOUCH

Week Four: SMELL

Each week includes three mindfulness exercises using the sense of the week that take five minutes or less to practice.  You will also receive one unique ten-minute audio guided meditation for each of the senses that you can either listen to on the web or download as an MP3 to keep forever and use to practice meditation on your own.  At the end of the course you will be able to download a PDF booklet of all 12-mindfulness exercises to keep as a reference.

That’s a total of twelve 5-minute mini-meditations and four 10-minute audio guide meditations.  You can try them all or just find one you love and keep on practicing.  There are no goals, objectives, assignments, grades or tests.  




You will also receive a twenty-minute whole body relaxation.  This is your emergency stress Rx for when you feel exhausted, stressed-out and anxious. Just play this MP3 and zen out.  This bonus is available to listen to on the web or you can download the MP3 and listen anytime you need a little rest and relaxation.


Learning how to add meditation practices to each and every day of your life has significant positive health benefits.  As a matter of fact, I’m willing to put it out there that a minimal investment in practicing meditation may be the most important thing you do for your health and well being in your entire lifetime.  My online courses are designed to help everyone have access to these tremendous benefits.  There is a misunderstanding that you have to meditate for hours a day or be able to sit still or twist into a pretzle or shave your head and start being intimate with incense in order to gain the benefits.

This is simply not true!

You can benefit from a daily meditation practice that works with your current lifestyle, career and haircut.  As a matter of fact, the amount of money you invest in learning how to make meditation a part of your daily life may save you literally thousands of dollars in medicine and services required to heal from the damage of a lifetime of stress.  You are never too old or too young.  The benefits are both immediate and lasting.

Changes your body’s response to stress so that it is less harmful.

Lower cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and stress hormones

Helps adults with irregular heart rhythm

Change the expression of your genes (yes, you read that correctly—change your genes!)


You will also receive a twenty-minute whole body relaxation.  This is your emergency stress Rx for when you feel exhausted, stressed-out and anxious. Just play this MP3 and zen out.

REGISTER NOW $50 ($25 until January 2, 2014)


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