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Yoga for Flying

If your holiday travels include flying, consider some of these yoga-inspired tips to keep you comfortable, calm and collected:

1. Practice non-attachment
When you pack, try to bring minimal clothing and other items with you.  Not only does this help your travel day go smoother, but if your luggage is lost, you don’t have that much to be concerned about!  Bring only what you need and find comfort in how excited you will be to return home to all your “stuff.”  You can also apply non-attachment to your flight schedule—-a bit of a delay, just relax and enjoy the time.  Easier said than done, but you can use your yoga practice to help you stay calm and keep your thoughts in perspective during difficult travel situations.

2. Drink water and breathe
Air travel is dehydrating and so is indoor heat.  Your body needs water to increase your immune system response, for cellular production and to keep everything moving through your digestive system.  There isn’t much your amazing body can do without water, so avoid headaches and illness that are caused by dehydration.  Stick to water and LOTS of it.  When you drink the water, visualize yourself floating and see and feel each cell plump and abundant with water.  Drinking water increases abundance.  Air on planes can feel stale and dry, but it is important that you continue to breathe.  Being aware of your breath is calming.  If you need to calm down fast, lengthen your exhalation in comparison with your inhalation.  Perhaps you breathe in to the count of four and then slowly (VERY slowly) exhale to a long count of eight.

3. Stretch
Do standing stretches using the backs of chairs and make sure you press your heels down to lengthen the heels and stretch those calves.  Do some neck rolls and shoulder stretches.  When seated, even with your seatbelt fastened you can do shoulder rolls, ankle rolls, knee lifts, wrist rolls and more!  Move and breathe.

Enjoy all your holiday season travels.  Here is a little inspiration from Mr. Bean.

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