Workshop: Underglaze Decals

Workshop: Underglaze Decals

Underglaze Decals Workshop

Workshop is at Makersphere in Waterbury Center, Vermont on October 22 at 1:00 pm.  Fee includes underglaze transfers.  Participants must bring their own greenware (white stoneware that can be 04 bisque fired and cone 5 glaze fired).  Smooth pieces without texture or carving will work best.

When I was little, I had many sticker books and delighted in my collecting and use of stickers.  I now enjoy using decorated washi tape and stickers in my bujo (bullet journal).  For many years, I have been inspired by the wonderful work of Justin Rothshank.  I finally decided to take the plunge and bought some under and over glaze transfers on Etsy and gave it a try.

Initially,  I had to go through a lot of trial and error to figure out how to fire the pieces so the decals didn’t fade away.  I admit to tearing quite a few overglaze transfers until I learned how to properly soak them and remove the paper backing.  I definitely smudged quite a few underglaze transfers by using too much water in my application.  Yet, even with this process, I don’t know that I have had this much fun decorating my work in a very long time.  There is something extraordinarily playful about working with decals.

Have some greenware you want to have fun with?  Come and play with underglaze decals with me in Waterbury, VT on October 22nd.  Then, bring your pieces back in November and we can layer the design with overglaze decals.  Register through Makersphere and save your space in this fun surface design workshop. 


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