I’m Loving This

I’m Loving This

It’s a rainy Sunday here in the Green Mountains and I thought I would write up some gratitude for some things I am really enjoying so I can share the joy.  You know, just in case you need some.

I am loving making junk journals and altered books.  I’ve finished two and they will be posted for sale very soon in my shop: MADE BY 冯.  
I’m going to post them in a new category of “Firsts”.  Many artists sell their imperfect works as “Seconds”, but these are a new kind of project for me and I want to share new things that I am working on at low prices that reflect my lack of mastery, but allow me to share the excitement of new ideas.

I am deeply engrossed in this novel by Sanjena Sathian called “Gold Diggers”.  It is both a fascinating peak into the types of identity crisis that immigrants face and how we access agency and power, both micro and macro within our own selves and in relationship.  I finished the absolutely MUST READ for anyone who loves books, reading, and libraries “The Cat Who Saved Books” by Sosuke Natsukawa.  It is a novel with a calm and soothing cadence in which almost nothing happens and everything is questioned all at the same time.  It is a boring book, but in the best possible way.  All the spaces leave room for the reader to enter the story.  I could not help but think of all the patient teachers, librarians, and parents and relatives who slowly helped me build literacy skills and the twin gifts of comprehension and imagination.

I’m absolutely loving my ceramics students at the Mount Mansfield Ski Club and Academy right now.  Not only are they brilliant athletes and scholars, but they are open to trying new things in the studio.  I love our charming, frank, and sometimes hilarious conversations.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to be reminded each day to connect with my own beginner’s mind and explore the growing edge with courage.  In recognition of this, I seem to be opening to some bold glaze colors and working with decals.  Keep your eyes out for some fresh bursts of color and pattern SOON!

Looking for healthy houseplants?  I am so fond of Emily’s Grow Garden.
She shipped some healthy plants to me with a heat pack in Vermont in February and they not only survived, but are thriving on my window sills.  If they are healthy enough to make it on THAT adventure, then you know these are some very vivacious plants. Emily provides excellent customer service too and her plant care instructions make keeping these greens feel easy.

I have a little washi tape problem and I can’t get enough of these decorated masking tape rolls.  I use them in making books, decorating cards and letters, in my journal, lesson plans, notes………EVERYWHERE!  I’ve got two absolutely favorite shops for cute Japanese stationary supplies and washi tape.  Give these shops a try and you can develop your own washi tape problem.  Someday Someplace is a shop in Japan with adorable stationary sets, cat stickers, and beautiful washi tape.  Nancy at MechaKucha808 in Hawaii offers the best selection of washi tape, flake stickers, and cute and adorable stationary that I have ever seen.  Also, opening up a package from both Someday Someplace and MechaKucha808 is a treat in and of itself.  Both sellers package items in such a unique and creative way that the opening experience enhances your sense of well-being and joy.

I hope you have a lot of things you are loving right now. I’d love to hear from you and share in what is bringing you some sweetness these days!   Resilience is a skill we practice and finding the good is a great way to make it through hard times and periods of transition and change.  It is possible to be miserable and still enjoy a good book, have fun sketching in a new notebook, or adding a little washi tape to your next post-it note.

May you be peace,



P.S. This post, and, really, all the posts on this site written by me, are a reflection of my individual thoughts and opinions.  Nothing more and nothing less.


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