How to Throw A Dinner

Today, I received an email from Martha Stewart Living.  Yes, go ahead and chuckle.  I love Martha Stewart and her magazine “Martha Stewart Living”.  I actually find that her posted recipees are simple to make and sometimes she has very unique ideas for crafts or ways to make things more special with just a little more than the usual effort.

Well, the title of this one made ME laugh:

“How to Throw a Rustic French Dinner”

While not the intention of the linked article, I immediately envisioned myself conservatively dressed sitting at a table of people I didn’t know how to talk to with a plate full of a French rustic style dinner in front of me.  I could see myself in the vision just picking up the plate and throwing it as hard as I could.  Not at anyone.  Just throwing it.  I certainly do not need Martha Stewart to instruct me on the right way to throw a plate of any kind of dinner.  If I had any doubts, I could always hand it to my five year old daughter as she has no patience for dinner parties and a rather awesome left-arm pitch.

Just a little reminder not to take yourself so seriously.  And, also, thinking something isn’t the same as doing it.  So, allow a little mischief to creep in around all your good intentions when it comes to your imagination.  Why not?