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I’m so excited about fall that I’m offering an amazing Back to School special between now and September 4, 2013:

Discount Single Sessions

Mini-Sessions for Solving Big Problems!

From now through September 4th, schedule a single phone coaching session for 1/2 the regular price.  That’s right, for just $75 and one hour of your time we can work together to find a solution to whatever is bothering you the most RIGHT NOW.  I’m so positive that we can solve one of your problems in an hour that these sessions are 100% guaranteed.  Within 1-week or your mini-session, if you follow-up our session by completing all the exercises and practices suggested in the session and feel that your problem has not been greatly alleviated or solved to your satisfaction or you have significant regrets about the money spent on the session, you can request a FULL REFUND.

What kinds of problems can we solve in a mini-session?  Well, when you schedule your session you will receive a mini-session intake form.  On this form you will need to clearly identify the thing that is bothering you the most right now and provide me with some details so that, when we start the session, we can get right to work.

Sample Problems that I Have Been Able to Help Solve in a Single Session

  • A new mom that feels panic when she drops her baby at daycare in the morning

  • A woman wondering when to schedule her final IVF cycle attempt or whether to try IVF at all

  • An adult with a great fear of flying that must get on a plane to attend a special event

  • A single chronic health complaint: insomnia, feeling overwhelmed, irregular periods, neck & shoulder tension, etc. 

  • You have a job offer in a different city or country and wonder whether or not you should take it

  • You have recently been diagnosed with cancer and feel scared and overwhelmed

  • Stress is taking a toll on your health and quality of life, but you don’t know how to relax

  • You are pregnant and find yourself more than halfway through the pregnancy and not sure that you like your doctor anymore

  • You are pregnant and your mother in law wants to be at the birth and you don’t want her there

  • You are terrified wondering what contractions feel like.  Will you be able to manage in labor?

  • You have an important presentation to make for work, but have a terrible fear of public speaking.

  • You wish you had a daily meditation practice, but you don’t know how to start

  • You had a baby six-months ago and every time you cough or sneeze you still pee a little

I’m only human, and, thus, confined by the same 24-hours in a day that you are—so there are a limited number of mini-sessions available.  In order to schedule your session, just send me an e-mail ( and in the e-mail provide three, 2-hour time slots between now and September 4th that will be ideal for you.  The earlier you schedule, the more likely that your slots will be available.  I will respond with an e-mail confirming one of the times listed, link to payment information and the session intake form.  You send me the intake form at least 24-hours before our session by e-mail and Bob’s Your Uncle!  If you don’t “do” e-mail, then please call me at (412) 855-5692 to inquire.  It may be more challenging to reach me by phone, but if that is your preference, you can expect a return call within 2-business days.

Fall is coming and I want you to make a fresh start by helping you solve your greatest worry, concern, fear or problem before it stops you from enjoying the season.  Do you remember that “new beginning” feeling you had every year when school started?  Not only do I want to help you solve a problem, but I’d like to get you back to school by offering FREE tuition to my Four Noble Truths Course (value $25) to everyone who buys one mini-session during this special.


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