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I’m a long-time student of yoga who has just discovered April’s Mindful Yoga class. It reconnected me with my early experiences of yoga – as a way to consciously inhabit your body and center your mind through natural and liberating movement. I find it difficult to do static, seated meditation, and so I appreciate the centering that happens with the guided meditative movement in Mindful Yoga.  ~JF., Current Yoga Matrika Student (3.12.12)


I’m new to yoga in general, but from the start I immediately felt that I was in good hands at Yoga Matrika.  The instructors, other students, and studio helped me feel comfortable in my practice right away, and the variety of classes has already made for an exciting and rewarding experience.  Many thanks to Yoga Matrika for helping me to grow in my practice.~Susan, Student (3.12.12)

The owner seems to really care about her customers as friends and make us love her sport/way of life/way to stay healthy. ~J., Student (3.13.12)

I love the intimacy of the studio space. Also, I love the location. It is the perfect location to walk to in Squirrel Hill.~Jill, Student (3.12.12)

The classes at Yoga Matrika have always been something I’ve looked forward to every week. The instructors are kind, genuine, and really get to know you and how much your body can handle. Yoga Matrika is the ONLY yoga studio that has never made me feel uncomfortable in my flexibility or how I’m positioned, but I always leave classes feeling re-energized, yet, feeling very tranquil. I couldnt see myself at any other studio, and I HIGHLY recommend taking one of Sharon’s classes. She’s fantastic. ~Melissa, Student (8.25.11)

 Excellent small classes at a variety of times I work full time and have young kids so I needed to find an evening yoga class that met after the dinner hour. Yoga Matrika is very convenient for folks who live in Squirrel Hill and their evening schedule is wonderful. The teachers are terrific and the small class sizes means you get personalized attention. ~Lorrie, Student (1.6.09)

 Family Friendly My whole family practices at Yoga Matrika. My husband enjoys yoga, especially the balancing and twisting postures, as a way to round out his strength training. I find the breathing, stretching postures and inversions indispensible for helping me keep my focus and calm with my busy schedule. My 6 year old enjoys the fun “games” that he plays with us during Family Yoga sessions, and the toddler appreciates the ability to toddle around freely and see the other kids during Family Yoga (and there’s a Me Too yoga class too). The superb instructors ask the participants for input on what their needs and physical limitations are at the beginnig of sessions, which is very helpful.~Student, 1.5.09

 Personal Attention My partner and I have been enjoying classes 2-4 times per week at Yoga Matrika since April 2007. The atmosphere is friendly and accepting of where ever the student is in their life. I have gained physical, emotional, spiritual confidence through practice with all of the instructors at Yoga Matrika. Thank you! ~Student, 1.5.09

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