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Color Theory and Indie Knit and Spin Boutique

Let’s be honest, you don’t go to McDonalds for the gourmet burgers and you don’t shop at the GAP for original designs—–so, why would you expect unique hand crafted yarns at Michaels?

Are you looking for unique yarns to knit with and the opportunity to meet fiber artists right here in Pittsburgh?  Look no further as this weekend is chock full of fibery goodness!  If you have never knit with hand spun wool or hand crafted yarns, check out these events and take your craft to new heights.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9: Color Theory for Knitters

On Saturday, study color theory for knitters with the marvelous Cosy at cosymakes studio.  For $35 you can explore the art of color for your knitting and life in general.  More jewel tones for me please!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10: Indie Knit and Spin Boutique

Speaking of jewel tones, on Sunday, check out the Indie Knit and Spin Boutique where a select number of fiber artists will be showing (and selling) their latest work.  It’s free and sure to be a sensual delight of texture, color and fiber love.  Hug a fiber artist or, better yet, support her work by making a purchase.  Then, make something gorgeous with it!

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