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Private Sessions


FREE Phone Consultation

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Sharon offers instruction in yoga and meditation techniques including:

  • physical postures (asana)
  • breath work (pranayama)
  • energy and chakra balancing
  • meditation and moving meditation
  • yoga therapy
  • yoga teacher training for adults and prenatal and postnatal specialties
  • mindfulness techniques for pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting

Instruction is provided in the following formats:

  • Individual private sessions (for one or two adults): 50-minute sessions, in person, at my private studio space
  • Corporate sessions (for up to 30-students): 50-minute sessions at your office or other facility
  • Phone/Skype sessions: 45-minute distance sessions
  • Yoga Therapy: in your home, hospital or rehabilitation facility

Fees for Private Sessions:

Private Sessions at studio(can be shared by up to 2-adults):

1-session: $100
4-sessions: $360 (save $40)
8-sessions:  $725 (save $75)

Distance Sessions (phone or SKYPE):
1-session $75
4-session $280
8-session $525

For corporate yoga, private parties, events and other requests, please call Sharon for pricing (412) 855-5692.  Individuals who wish to study with Sharon for teacher training, advanced study or for professional development should explore teacher training packages and call Sharon to schedule a phone session or private session to initiate the application process.  The teacher training process is highly selective.

Wellness & Lifestyle Consultations

I provide wellness consultations for teens and adults that are looking for assistance with chronic health issues and feel that alternative and complementary medicine, yoga therapy, nutrition support and other lifestyle adjustments may be of assistance.  I do not provide medical care, but I can provide:

  • assistance in the creation of a wellness plan that includes suggested yoga, meditation, relaxation and lifestyle adjustments to support greater health and well-being
  • referrals to doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, therapists, physical therapists and other care providers who can provide the medical care you need in a way that will work in a complementary way with your wellness plan
  • techniques for making lifestyle changes in a manageable way that are likely to support great success
  • use of meditation and mindfulness techniques for greater mind-body connection, reduced stress and access to intuition
  • use of movement, yoga asana and breathing techniques to support health in the physical body and energetic body
  • design of home yoga and meditation practices
  • preparation of personal MP3 recordings and other wellness plan support

Consultation fees are the same as the fees for sessions outlined for private sessions and phone sessions.


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