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Group Classes

Drop-In Classes

10:00 am Matrika Yoga & Meditation
6:00 pm   Matrika Yoga & Meditation  (women only)
7:30 pm Seated Meditation with Bhante Pema (Registration Recommended)

4:30 pm Matrika Yoga & Meditation
6:00 pm Matrika Yoga & Meditation

6:00 pm Prenatal Yoga

10:00 am Matrika Yoga & Meditation

9:45 am Prenatal Yoga 

9:30-11:30  Extended Practice (3rd Sunday of the month ONLY)
$30 to drop-in OR 2-classes from package
Pre-registration REQUIRED 412-855-5692.


Group Class Tuition

FIRST CLASS FREE when you purchase a class package on your first visit to the studio!*

Single Class: $18
6-Class Pack: $90 (valid 60-days)
12-Class Pack: $175 (valid 60-days)

Tuition is payable at the studio with a credit card or a personal check made out to: YOGA MATRIKA.  Tuition is non-transferable and not refundable for any reason.  Any classes remaining in a pack after expiration (60-days after purchase) are forfeited.  Absolutely no extensions are granted for any reason.  If your lifestyle does not permit consistent attendance or if you would be genuinely devastated if a class on the schedule was discontinued, please consider buying single class tuition one class at a time.  The schedule is not guaranteed and class times, days and instructors can change with little advance notice. Alternative payment plans and karmic work-study exchanges are available upon request.  If you need an alternative payment plan, reduced tuition or work-study, please call Sharon to discuss (412) 855-5692.

*Please note that this new student deal is NOT applicable to Bhante Pema’s Monday night meditation series.  Registration for the entire series is required and drop-in students are only permitted as space permits. 

Combination Group Classes & Private Session PACKAGES:

1-Month Deluxe Yogi $160 (Save $12)
4-Group Classes
1-Private Session

3-Month Deluxe Yogi $324 (Save $20)
8-Group Classes
2-Private Sessions

6-Month Deluxe Yogi $775 (Save $35)
25-Group Classes
4-Private Sessions


It’s a Man’s World Package

It may be a man’s world, but as a man you are way more likely to end up in the emergency room with a yoga-related injury than a woman is.  There are many reasons for this, but I think that an initial evaluation of your flexibility and assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will go a long way in preventing injuries and making sure that your yoga practice heals and not hurts you.  This package includes a comprehensive personal evaluation and two additional private sessions.  After your individual sessions, you can start taking group classes with confidence.  This incredible package deal includes everything you need to start your yoga journey safely so you can enjoy the wellness benefits of this fabulous practice without the risk!

It’s a Man’s World Package $275*
1-Consultation and personal evaluation (strength, flexibility and balance)
2-Private Sessions
4-Group Classes

*Savings include a $100 ER visit co-pay :).



If you are new to yoga, I recommend starting your yoga journey first with an Introductory Package.  The investment you make in a few private sessions before taking group classes will be of great benefit to you, help you avoid injury and make sure that you understand your range of motion, flexibility and areas of personal challenge.  This information is invaluable.

All classes are offered at an “open level”—-everyone is welcome!  One of the unique features of Matrika Yoga and Meditation is that the practice is available to students of all levels.  Sharon provides modifications for beginners and expert students so that everyone can practice at their own level in the same class.

Late students are not admitted.  The studio door is locked when class begins. Please arrive a minimum of 15-minutes before your class is scheduled to begin.

Fancy clothing is not required—I require all students to leave their shoes in the reception area and practice in bare feet.  You may bring your socks into the practice space with you to wear during long meditation sessions and restorative poses to keep your feet warm.  Otherwise, practicing in bare feet is very important.  You should wear comfortable and stretchy clothing that allows you to move, but isn’t baggy or oversized.  Baggy clothing will get in your way.  Most men wear stretchy and close-fitting t-shirts and athletic pants or sweatpants or shorts during the summer months.  Most women wear some kind of closer-fitting athletic top or well-fitted long sleeve or short sleeve t-shirt and stretchy pants/yoga pants/leggings.  Both men and women are expected to wear shirts and dress with modesty.

A yoga mat is really a personal use item.  We do have mats for you to use at the studio, but if you have one, then I suggest that you bring your own.  There are a lot of terrible fungal infections and skin infections that you can get by using another person’s mat.  I have some bolsters and blocks and blankets, but I encourage you to purchase your own so that you also have them to use during your home  practice.  My brand of choice for yoga equipment (mats, blocks, blankets and bolsters) is Hugger Mugger.  My suggestion for a meditation cushion is Samadhi Cushions in Vermont—handmade and beautiful.  A Samadhi Cushion will last a lifetime.  If you have any questions about investing in yoga equipment, please give me a call (412) 855-5692.

Please bring a water bottle and leave ALL VALUABLES at home.  You should remove your watch before practice.  Not only will it prevent you from constantly checking your watch during class, but energetically it is important to free the pulse from your watch battery power energy during yoga practice.

If you are not familiar with yoga studio etiquette, please check out this general information and do not be shy about asking questions.  It may seem that everyone around you just “knows” what to do and how to act and where to put their mat—-but everyone has to start somewhere.  If there is anything of particular concern to you, just let me know.  I really want all students to feel welcome and comfortable in the space.


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