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Yoga Studio Etiquette

                      Welcome to Sharon Rudyk Yoga

  • New today?  We have a waiver for you to sign.  Please introduce yourself to the instructor at the front desk.
  • Please leave your shoes in the front.  We practice in bare feet here.
  • Print your name in the sign-in notebook before class.
  • Kindly turn OFF all cell phones and all electronic devices and remove your watch. Even “vibrate” sounds quite loud in a quiet room.
  • Arrive Early.  Showing up late is disrespectful and disruptive and can easily become a bad habit. Instructors are not required to admit or teach late students.  If you are admitted late, please wait at the screen until after there is talking and movement and then put your mat out and join the class.
  • Bring your own mat for best hygiene.
  • Please make your instructor aware of any health conditions, injuries or concerns.  Not every pose is right for every body and we want to partner with you for safety.
  • Wear modest and comfortable exercise clothing.  All students must wear shirts.
  • Please gently place your mat down and introduce yourself to your neighbors. This is a friendly and inclusive community.
  • Prepare for class by lying in Savasana or coming into a seated pose.  Kindly refrain from posturing before class (handstands, Vinyasa, etc.) as it creates a competitive environment.  Be mindful of your personal conversations before class.
  • During class, please stay present on your own mat and refrain from chatting, whispering or other behavior that may be distracting.  Never touch another student during class unless directed to do so by an instructor (partner activity).
  • Ask questions about anything that is not clear to you during class and/or after class.
  • Take care of yourself.  This is not a competitive studio and we appreciate when students rest in child’s pose on their mat during class.  Good studentship means doing your best and honoring both the instruction and your body.


  • Kindly refrain from wearing perfumes or strong essential oils.  Many students have sensitivities.  Do make sure that your body, clothing and mat are clean.
  • Students are expected to arrive early and stay for the entire class.  If you need to leave early, please inform the instructor before class and leave before final relaxation.
  • Many instructors will end class with “NAMASTE: Nah Mah Stay”.  This means that “I bring only the best parts of myself to this moment and honor the best parts of you.”  If you feel this way towards your instructor and are comfortable, it is appropriate to respond with “NAMASTE.”  If you don’t want to say it or it makes you uncomfortable, just smile and say “Thanks.”
  • Students are expected to pay tuition before class.  Sharon relies on students to pay for classes so she can make a living.  Yoga is certainly about generosity and kindness, but Sharon and her family need to eat, pay the rent, have childcare, etc.  We appreciate when you keep your package up to date.

Thank you.  Namaste.  Peace.

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