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I am a teacher, artist, and cultivator of restorative pollinator gardens in the majestic mountains of Central Vermont. I look forward to meeting you and welcome you to my creative learning community.

Embodied Childbirth Preparation

I am SO EXCITED and truly honored to have the opportunity to facilitate a Dynamic Childbirth workshop in Vermont at ZenBarn on June 24th.  And, how amazing was it for Shaina Levee of Birth Love Family to write such a wonderful blog post to introduce me to the community there?  Amazing!

While everyone learns in different ways, labor and childbirth is most definitely a physical experience.  Therefore, I designed Dynamic Childbirth so that you could prepare your body-mind for labor and birth.  You can read about birth all you like, listen to lectures, watch videos, and look at pictures of a cervix dilating.  But, when it’s time to give birth, labor takes us deep inside and we act, breathe, visualize, and communicate from our bodies and not from our logic brain.  I’m not suggesting that a woman in labor isn’t logical.  Quite the opposite!  I’m saying that, in my experience, it is important to actually practice movements, breathing, sounding, and communication tools with your body before you need to draw upon this knowledge.

Plus, the real bonus is that you get to hear me sound like a moose.  One of the first few times I facilitated Dynamic Childbirth, one of the partners suggested that the sound I was making as I pretended to work with the energy of a deep contraction was that of a moose.  We all got a good laugh and it was a great way for everyone to relax around how ridiculous it felt to be in a room full of strangers making deep moaning sounds.  As a doula, it takes a lot more than that to make ME uncomfortable, but the whole thing is very new and unique for those who are not familiar with the natural sounds of birthing.  Then, about a year later, I had a participant who was from Alaska and he had actually heard a moose.  He confirmed that, in fact, I DO sound like a moose when I make that birthing sound.

Come and move, laugh, sound, talk, touch, and breathe!  I am really looking forward to meeting you all.

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