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Happy (?) Holidaze!

Whether you feel like this is the most wonderful time of year or you’d prefer to go into hiding until it’s all over, I’m offering some services unique to the season that can help you find some relief or just create more time and space for you to truly enjoy all that this magic season has to offer.

Guided Relaxation

I am offering a package of twelve recorded audio guided relaxations that can be downloaded through this online course that also includes three 45-minute online workshops (webinars) that you can watch live or at your convenience that will include breathing, meditation, and gentle movement that can be practiced while sitting in a chair.  The cost for this package of twelve relaxation sessions is: $35.  If you wish to give one as a gift, please contact me and I can easily arrange for this.

If you are in Pittsburgh, I am offering a special holiday package of three private relaxation sessions for  $180 (this is a $45 discount on my regular private session rate).  Each relaxation session is 45-minutes.  All sessions must be scheduled by March 2018.  You can buy a package for yourself or as a gift for someone who lives in Pittsburgh.  Please contact me directly to purchase and schedule.  

Clutter Busting and Cleaning

Sink over flowing with dishes?  Guests coming and you need someone to clear out the guest room, put on clean sheets, put out clean towels, clean your bathrooms, deal with THAT closet……..whatever it is, just let me take care of it.  I am a NO JUDGMENT cleaning service. I will just come in, do what needs to be done, and leave.  No lectures, no guilt, no shame and then, it’s just done.  I have a four-hour minimum and charge $30 per hour for work scheduled between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm on Mondays through Fridays and $50 for work scheduled at any other time or weekends.  I bring my own natural cleaning supplies that are safe for all the living beings in your house and a mop.  You provide the vacuum cleaner.  Please call to schedule as my week fills up FAST: 412-855-5692.  If you know you are having a party or guests or if you have multiple-days of work you need to have done before an event, please call as soon as possible to reserve your time.  For all reservations, I require a 50% non-refundable payment of the hours reserved.

Personal Assistance

You buy the gift cards, and I’ll do the shopping!  I’ll gladly head to the store of your choice for groceries, gifts, dry cleaning pick-up or whatever you need.  Do you need me to make appointments for the hair salon, massage, restaurant reservations or other event planning?  I’m happy to do it!  Meal planning?  I’m here for you.  All of my errand running, shopping, scheduling, and other personal assistant work is $30 an hour with a three-hour minimum.  Just think about how happy you are going to be when you get home from work and everything you needed from Target is right there in your dining room and you didn’t have to deal with the crowds, the lines, or the hassle!  I do gift wrapping, thank you card writing, invitations, post-office runs………Please call to schedule: 412-855-5692.  A non-refundable 50% payment of all reserved time is required upon reservation with the balance due at the time services have been completed.

Clutter Busting, Seasonal Clothes Swapping, Laundromat

Is your family room or kid’s play room a wreck?  What are you going to do with all the new toys that are about to arrive?  I am hapy to clean your family room, living room, play room or child’s room and organize all the toys, clothes, and other items that will make that space more usable and pleasant.  Are you trying to deal with putting the summer things away and take out the winter things and feeling overwhelmed?  Let me take your summer items to the laundromat and fold everything so it is clean and safe until the sun comes out again next summer.  I can also take coats to be cleaned and help sort out what still fits and what needs to be donated.  I take everything that is to be donated out of the house when I leave and then take it to Goodwill for you.  I provide a receipt for your tax donation records after I drop off the goods.  Please call to schedule: 412-855-5692.  A non-refundable 50% payment of all reserved time is required upon reservation with the balance due at the time services have been completed.

Pets, Parties, and Infants

Do you need someone to pop in and feed your cat, give the dog an extra walk, or take care of your infant while you host your guests?  I take care of all living beings and am delighted to help you out this season with the little extras that you usually manage yourself just fine, but are the hair that is breaking the camel’s back this season.  Rates depend on the service, so just call and let me know what you need: 412-855-5692.


I prefer to work with individuals and families that are in the East End of the City of Pittsburgh.  My online courses and audio and video downloads are available to anyone who has an internet connection all over the world.  Payment balances and payments for “regulars” can be made by personal check, but all reservation deposits and other payments can be made by credit card.  I use Square invoices or PayPal.  If this doesn’t work for you, just let me know how you like to make payments and I’ll work with you.