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What is a Health Coach Session?

Recently, my sister suggested to me that I start a website called “” and offer intuitive medical counseling to clients.  You see, I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a doctor by any definition.  But, after 20-years of facilitating yoga and movement therapies, studying anatomy and reading as much as I can about the relationship between mind and body combined with a natural ability to “see” my clients as whole and well regardless of their current health and wellness concerns, I have a great deal to offer my students and clients.

These sessions are especially helpful for adults who have been told by their therapist or doctor that meditation, mindfulness practices or yoga would be helpful to them in their healing or wellness, but they don’t know where to begin.  I can work with you on sequences of breathing, visualization, relaxation, meditation and/or gentle movements that help you make these healing practices a part of your daily life.  There are many different kinds of meditation and I can help you decide what works best for your personality, lifestyle and health concerns.  We will practice together until you feel confident that you can practice daily on your own.

I am especially skilled in working on women’s health concerns offering modern menstrual education, optimum fertility and conception planning, pregnancy support and nourishing guidance for parents of newborns and infants up to two-years of age.  I am also of the belief that women experience and manage stress in unique ways from men and provide very specific relief from anxiety, worry and pervasive fears for women.

I am particularly concerned with the anxiety and crisis of the self that young women and teens are experiencing.  From test anxiety, body shame to social concerns, it can be near impossible to find your divine purpose and self in the sea of mixed-messages and social and family stress.  I provide very specific stress management skills, lifestyle enhancement and organization tools for teen girls.

For women who suffer from chronic concerns or who have been diagnosed with cancer or other life-transforming illness and disease, I can provide centering so that you can make the best choices for your healthcare out of the options you are presented with.  I am not a doctor and can’t provide diagnosis or medical advice, but I can support you in finding your intuitive senses so that you feel confident about your options and choices.  Many life-changing illnesses also require painful treatments, frustrations and challenges including debilitating fear and anxiety.  I can teach you very simple techniques that can relieve anxiety and help you find all available comfort.

You can find all of my health and lifestyle coaching packages HERE.