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How to Register for Classes

Convenient Links for ALL students:
1) See the class schedule here.  You can register for classes using this schedule.  No matter what week it is now, you can scroll to future weeks and sign up for as many classes in the future as you like.
2) You can purchase a series package here.  Payments are not accepted at the studio.  You must pay for classes online or call Sharon (412) 855-5692 to make arrangements before coming to the studio.
Due to the intimate nature of the space at Yoga Matrika, we limit class size to 6-8 students.  We allow six students to register online and have an active waiting list for two other sudents and we accept students from the waiting list on the day of class.  It is likely if you are placed on the waiting list that you will get a spot in class.  If you are not able to get on the waiting list, check back the day of class and see if something has opened up, but it is not likely that there will be space.  If any class has less than four students enrolled in any given week, that class is cancelled. As space is limited, we suggest enrolling in classes that you wish to take as soon as possible.  You can cancel your reservation for any individual class a minimum of 24-hours before that class is scheduled to start without any penalty.  Cancellations made after 24-hours will be charged one class visit regardless of your actual attendance (example: you have a 5-class package and you try to cancel your reservation 2-hours before class, you will then have a 4-class package because we will penalize this late cancellation with one class from your package.)
Our prenatal classes are offered in both 6-week series for $60 (these require registration for a specific series of 6-consecutive classes with no make-up classes for missed classes) and as drop-in classes.  Drop-in classes are paid for as single classes or with a series package: $5 first class, $18 single class, $80 5-class package valid for one year, $140 10-class package valid for one class per week for 12 weeks, $220 for a 20-class package valid for two-classes per week for 12 weeks or a 30-class package valid for three-classes per week for 12 weeks.  If you REGISTER for a SERIES, then you are automatically enrolled in all 6-classes in that series.  You do not need to check in each week and modify your registration and if you can’t make it, you don’t need to un-enroll.  If you purchase a CLASS PACKAGE, then you must go to the class schedule and enroll in each individual class you wish to take a minimum of 24-hours before that class is scheduled to start.  We regret that we can not guarantee space in any individual class.  Basically, if you purchase a 10-class package and wait to enroll in your prenatal class, you might find that it is full—-it would then be up to you to find some other suitable class to take or you forfeit that week’s class.  There are no refunds and tuition is not transferable.  In the unusual and unlikely case that you are put on medical bed-rest during your pregnancy, we are happy to apply your remaining 5 or less classes to your account as a Mom and Baby class package that will be valid for six months after your actual birthing day.  We are not able to refund series registrations or apply that tuition to a future package.
In summary, it is most convenient and cost effective for you to register for classes in 6-week series ($10 per class), but this is also the least flexible option.  If this is not possible for you or you are late in your pregnancy and know you can’t attend most of the series or if you are early in your prenancy and want the flexibility to take other classes, then buy a class package that allows you to take any one (10-class package for $140) or two classes a week (20-class pacakge for $220).  If you need complete flexibility and your schedule and life are not predictable, then purchase a 5-class package that is valid for a whole year.

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