In just twenty-days it will be spring.  For any readers in parts of the country where it hasn’t snowed or dropped ice every week since Thanksgiving or where you have had more than five days of sun in the past four-months, perhaps the significance of this announcement escapes you.  But, for my gentle readers located in places in the world where this type of environmental stress has been a part of your daily life for over a quarter of the year, you know in every cell of your body and every corner of your soul what the true meaning of this revelation is.

It means that our faith has not been misplaced.  It means that our desire for light, for transformation and creativity is about to be answered.  There have already been subtle signs of the changes in energy and season here in Pittsburgh.  The sky is lighter earlier in the morning and stays lighter well past 5:00 pm.  In the morning, early song birds send their sweet message into the air.  In even the darkest corners of the brownest patches of earth there are the tips of bulb greens reaching out, digging out, and pushing towards the sky.

In honor of this special 20-day period, I will be posting a spring countdown message each and every day with a suggestion of a poem, reading, meditation, visualization, nutrition and/or activity to support this change in seasons.  As much as we desire spring to be with us right now, this is an excellent opportunity to prepare mentally, spiritually and physically for this change of seasons. I hope you will join me in savoring this release of darkness and moving towards the light and color of spring in a holistic way that recognizes not only what is lost, but also what is gained.

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