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I would be honored to create functional pottery that is customized just for you.  Depending on the size of the order, the time between when you place the order and receive it can be anywhere from four to twelve weeks.  I am delighted to make a birthday or anniversary plate with a name on it, special color, or theme.  Want four purple mugs with a single yellow flower?  Pink bowls with watermelon decals? Dessert plates with an orange cat and purple fish?I can make that happen!  I personally make absolutely everything from start to finish.  Please send me an email with what you have in mind.  If you just want to Zoom and chat about it, include at least three dates and times you are available for a web consultation and I will reply with a web meeting invitation for a time that also works for me.  

I am a teacher with a lifetime of professional experience teaching everyone from infants to college students.  A self-proclaimed “book nerd”, I work best with motivated students who need some support for writing, reading, basic K-5 math skills, research and study skills, or some help being confident in their studentship.  I help all my students identify their strengths and then we work from that place of power to build the skills required to master what takes more effort.    As I am a teacher, my availability for private tutoring is limited.  Please send me an email and describe your need and I will consult my schedule and let you know what is possible.  I work with students all over the world using Zoom and Google Classroom.  I have all clearances to work with children including Federal fingerprinting and child abuse clearances.  

I offer K-8 foreign language instruction and tutoring in French and Mandarin Chinese for individuals and small groups online.  I am also able to provide tutoring and instruction to high school students in Mandarin Chinese at all levels.  My intention is to encourage children and young adults to see themselves as global citizens.  I incorporate culture, art, music, symbols, and history into my lessons.  I am both patient and playful and employ creative techniques for developing the skills required to learn any foreign language.  Please send me an email so we can get started working together as soon as possible.  

I don’t teach yoga anymore as a “class”, but there isn’t one thing I teach where I am not using the regulation skills myself and with students to maintain a sense of equilibrium in challenging times.  While some people find it easier to regulate than others, the reality is that regulation is a learned skill.  We can always practice and find some relief from worry, anxiety, agitation, and an inability to focus because our minds are bouncing so fast between an imagined future and a concept of our past that isn’t helpful in our “right now”.  When we are regulated, we can better identify our problems and ask for what we need.   Do you ever think to yourself, “I over-reacted! I just said that because I was angry!  I really should have waited before responding to that email/text/phone message!”?  Well, being regulated helps us determine whether a challenge IS an actual emergency that requires immediate response or just FEELS like an emergency that requires an immediate response.   Online sessions can be scheduled by sending me an email.  I haven’t met a person an age or in a condition that can’t benefit from these skills.  I’m happy even to work with parents and infants together.  No flexibility, equipment, or even being able to get out of bed is required.  Most of the work is visualization and breathing in certain patterns.