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Sharon Fennimore, MA

I am an Ivy League graduate with two Masters degrees and 30-years of classroom teaching and paraprofessional experience from elementary grades through college. In addition to studentship and academic subjects, I use my over 25-years of yoga and meditation practice and teaching to help adults and children learn tools for regulation and stress management.

Heading off to college?

Are you feeling nervous about managing the academic work required for college?  Do you want some support for understanding a syllabus, managing multiple deadlines for different classes, taking notes, or preparing for essay exams?  Speaking of essay exams, do you know how to write a research paper?  We can work together this summer to brush up on some skills so you feel more confident about this transition.  And, I'm here for you all year if you need assistance with a specific class, assignment, or just setting up your schedule of deadlines and exams and staying on task.  

Anxiety, panic, meltdowns, agitation, inability to focus, or even just a constant sense of dread.

I provide simple, yet effective tools, for children and adults of all ages to reduce anxiety, manage panic, and find an increased ability to focus and concentrate.  


I am not a medical professional or a therapist.  It is important that you consult with a professional for diagnosis and treatment of any potential mental or emotional health concern.  

Regulation is the foundation of learning.

Gifted and Talented

Do you find that your needs as a gifted or talented student are not being adequately met by your school's regular programming?

Let's work together to up-level your education.

Boredom is an important part of the creative and intellectual process.  This feeling space allows us the time we need to imagine, visualize, and just rest between times of greater creativity and action.  It isn't necessarily a bad thing to learn how to do work that isn't exciting for you because, well, life isn't always all that exciting.  On the other hand, not using your gifts and talents as a student and challenging yourself to a higher quality of work, inquiry, and commitment to learning causes depression, exhaustion, and can actually cause you to lose touch with your curiosity and intellect.  I can help by facilitating learning, projects, and higher-level studentship skills.  

Which brings me to you.

I'd love to hear from you and learn more about what you would like support with this summer.  

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