Relaxation and Meditation

Private Meditation and Guided Visualization
  • Relax Sessions offered in 25-minute or 50-minute guided visualization and relaxation.  Experience immediate relief from tension, exhaustion, and a sense of being completely stressed out.
  • Insight Sessions offer discussion and mentoring along with individualized breathing and insight meditation instruction. Experience peace and empowered confidence.

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Insight sessions include discussion, mentoring, breathing exercises, meditation instruction, guided visualization, and other practices designed to bring insight, clarity, and peace. Sessions are 40-minutes long and do not require any previous experience with yoga or meditation.
Insight Session (40 minutes)

In our 25-minute relax session, I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation using breathing, visualization, and mindfulness techniques.
Relax Session (25 minutes)
In our 50-minute relax session, we can work deeply on any sense of un-ease, pain, or tension you are experiencing. I will guide you into a deep state of relaxation and yogic sleep using breathing exercises, guided visualization, and other traditional yoga practices that I choose just for you.
Relax Session (50 minutes)


Information for Clients


I offer these distance meditation and guided relaxation sessions to clients all over the world.  Distance sessions allow me to work with you wherever you are without having to worry about travel, parking, or studio fees.  Please choose a time and place for your session where you have privacy and can focus on our work together.  Our session can include as much discussion and mentoring as you wish, but the more information you provide when you schedule a session, the better prepared I can be with a personalized plan just for you.  Many of my clients for relaxation sessions prefer audio/phone sessions where they can put me on speaker phone and lie down and relax for the session.  It’s absolutely fine if you fall asleep!

I suggest that you wear comfortable clothing with a relaxed waist so you can breathe deeply and feel at ease during our session.  You won’t be “working out”, but it is always a good idea to have a glass of water nearby in case you would like a sip during our session.  If you have a nursling, then I completely understand that you may want to have your nursling with you and invite you to feed your baby on demand during our 40-minute Insight Session.  If you have a nursling and are scheduling a relaxation session, then I recommend that you start with a 25-minute session and try to find adequate infant care so you can really relax during that time.  I know it can be hard to get away, but it is important for your self-care and well-being that you take some time for your own restorative nourishment.  If this will be difficult, make sure that I am aware of your special circumstances when you fill out the intake form.