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Radiant Walks

Radiant Walks 2017-2018

Radiant Walks are contemplative movement and meditation workshops in natural settings.  We will learn walking meditation techniques and use natural inspiration for mindfulness meditation.  Nature provides sounds, smells, sights, and invitation to experience and embody qualities of air, space, earth, water, wood, and metal.  There is required and suggested reading for the workshops.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the walk.  Once we get started, it may be difficult to find the group.  Workshops include some instruction in meditation, a reading of the assigned sutra and discussion of the theme and suggested contemplation for the meditation of the day. Location for all walks will be posted here by 8:00 am the day of the walk.  Please see the location information section below for details on where we will meet for walks.

Tuition & Registration

Paying online with a credit card is both convenient and let’s us know to expect you.  If we know you are coming, you will receive an email the morning of the walk confirming the location and we will wait a few minutes for you if you are running a little late.  It is $15 to register for a single walk.  To join us the day of the walk, please arrive on time and bring  a cash payment of $10-$20.

Please note that entry fees to Phipps Conservatory are NOT included in workshop fees.  It is $17.95 for admission to Phipps for an adult per visit.  Radiant Walk participants are encouraged to become members of Phipps to enjoy unlimited free entry for one year.

Location Information

We will be walking outside in all weather on trails in Frick Park.  When there are storms or dangerous trail conditions, we will use indoor spaces at Phipps Conservatory.  Admission to Phipps is NOT included in the cost of workshops.  If you intend on participating in these walks regularly, it is highly recommended that you become a member of Phipps Conservatory.  Especially for participants who are local to Pittsburgh, this is an amazing resource for self-guided radiant walks, contemplative experiences in nature regardless of weather, and a way to support the environment.  Phipps offers a Family Plus membership for up to three adults for $125, so join together with two other friends and enjoy a whole year of free admission for less than $42.  Walking in Frick Park is free.

The default location is Frick Park and we will meet at the Frick Park Nature Center on Beechwood Boulevard.  There is free on street parking on Beechwood and some spaces in a parking lot on site.  There are bathrooms and fountains to fill water bottles in the Nature Center.

Announcements about location will be made by 8:00 am here on the website, on my Facebook page, and anyone who has pre-registered and paid in advance will receive an email confirming location.

Walks at Phipps are wheelchair accessible.  If you use a wheelchair, walker, or have health concerns that make walking in Frick Park dificult, please call Sharon at 412-855-5692 to discuss options.

Reading and Preparation

required Reading

Each walk will explore one or more sutras from the following textbook:
TITLE: Radiance Sutras
AUTHOR: Lorin Roche

For each walk, information on the assigned sutras that will be used and discussed in the workshop will be provided a minimum of two-weeks prior to each walk.  Participants are encouraged to read the assigned sutra(s) prior to the workshop.  Please bring this textbook with you to the walks or, if it is inconvenient or too heavy, prepare a hand written copy or photocopy.  You may want to hand-write the sutra(s) into a sketchbook or notebook that you bring with you to the workshop for notes or drawings.

Suggested Reading

We will not be using these books, but many of the concepts that are introduced will be discussed and these are suggested reading for anyone who is interested in contemplative practices in nature.

TITLE: The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature
AUTHOR: Stephen Harrod Buhner

TITLE: Brilliant Green: The Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence
AUTHOR: Stefano Mancuso

TITLE: Other Minds: The Octopus, The Sea, and The Deep Origins of Conciousness
AUTHOR: Peter Godfrey-Smith

suggested preparation

Please eat breakfast or a snack an hour or two prior to the walk.  Wear clothes in appropriate layers and sturdy, comfortable shoes (waterproof hiking boots are suggested for walking on trails in all conditions).  Bring a backpack for your water bottle, sketchbook/notebook, a pen or pencil, your copy of the sutras or personal copy.  Sunblock, insect repellent, hat, gloves and other seasonal items for your comfort should also be packed.  On nice days, participants are encouraged to pack a lunch and everyone is welcome to picnic lunch together at the end of the workshop.